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Need some help ... Personal Problem with MJ

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chillax, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Sorry this is a long read. I really appreciate some input, guys. I respect your opinions a lot ... so I welcome them.

    Hey everyone. Lately I feel very unmotivated and find myself procrastinating to no end. Now that I'm in college I really would like to do well and take advantage of the opportunity I have. However, I'm running into some problems doing that ... and I think mary jane might be contributing to the problem.

    My junior year in high school I started smoking on and off, but when I did smoke, usually it would be like I'd smoke multiple times a day for a couple weeks. Then take a couple days off. Then smoke a lot again.

    Then that summer I smoked a ridiculous amount because my job afforded me that opportunity. I do very well at where I work (summer job / breaks) and continue to impress management and get increased responsibilities ... which is good considering I'm so young.

    Then senior year I cut down a lot ... like hardly smoking at all ... until the spring when I became on / off again. That summer I smoked a lot ... mainly at work ... but kind of became a VERY frequent smoker.

    That brings us to now. I am in college now and I find myself smoking a couple times a day. Usually once in the early afternoon / once in the early evening. And then maybe 1 - 2 times later at night.
    I don't typically go to class high (I have morning classes mostly) ... except for my afternoon classes occasionally. I DO go to EVERY class.

    I really WANT to do well here in school ... and I find that it is difficult to balance my personal smoking with my workload and commitment.

    Does anyone else have this problem ... in school or out? Does anyone have any suggestions? ... I'd really like to do very well in school and think I am perfectly capable if I make the effort / avoid distractions.

    Also ... something IMPORTANT you should know about my smoking ... I don't smoke very much (as in don't get that high) each time I smoke. Usually I have the equivalent of 1-2 glasses of wine. Just to relax a little. Sometimes a little more. Also, I don't party often and don't enjoy alcohol / getting drunk ... except for the occasional wine.

    Thank you so much, blades. I respect your opinions and honor your input.

  2. Don't smoke during the week..only on the weekends. Fridays thru sundays will be more of a good time to do that. Just study during the week and find some activicties to do and keep you busy till you smoke on Fri. Give it a try and see if you can handle that plan.
  3. Smoke as a reward. If you gotta do some homework, do it sober and then smoke a fat bowl afterward. If you have a huge project or exam you have to study for, buy some crazy dank or hash for afterward, because you'd deserve it after a lot of hard work.
  4. ,\lol two glasses of wine??

    if its the equivelent of two glasses of wine each time you smoke you must smoke like 5 or 6 times a day morning noon and night if its affecting your school

    but ya , you should go to class sober as well, and wait till you get home to get high if thats what you do
  5. best advice right there. And you can enjoy your high so much more knowing you dont have anything else to do. Or if your really unmotivated do some amps in the morning so you can get all your shit done then toke up at night. And dude instead of smoking a few times a day what you should do is smoke once a day and get really high, it lasts alot longer and i feel that it doesnt raise your tolerance as fast as if you smoked a little a few times a day. plus its less of a hassle since you only have to set up for a session once. good luck

  6. I agree bro, just keep it to a weekend reward for yourself.
  7. I feel ya, I try and go sober throughout the day and do my work, then get high(like a reward i guess) an hour or 2 before bed. Once I start my hw I can usually get through a good amount of it. Just think, its either be responsible and do hw then get high, or no high at all cause school is more important
  8. Thanks so much guys. I appreciate the input and think I will try either limiting it to the weekends (Thursday Night, Friday, Saturday) or only after I've finished all my work / about to go to bed.

    The problem is I don't have class Tues / Thurs so I have a lot of free time. But then I get high and don't do work at all those days for the next days classes.

    But thanks. I really appreciate it guys.

    Rep+ For all the positive suggestions.

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