need some help passing a drug test

Discussion in 'General' started by afriendwithweed, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. Hey i am needing some advice.Does any body know what u can buy at the local health food store or any store to take to clear up a urine test for marijuana.I f you can please reply. Thank a bunch.

    a friend with weed is a friend indeed
  2. humm, at a health food store im not really sure. i guess lots of purified water. try going to ur local head shop(aka place that sells pipes,hitters,bongs, incents) and ask them. more then likely they will have something on the shelves for ya.

    ps. the stuff prolly wont be cheap. be prepared to bring atleast 20-40 bucks depending on what you want

    peace out
  3. If you have quite a few days then just drink as much water and piss as much as you can possibly do..:smoke::smoking: :D
  4. I have used the following method many times. First you need nerves of steel and a friend who is definitely clean, preferably the same sex as you, a condom, and a large safety pin. Have your friend supply you with a clean sample shortly before the test. Rinse the condom out real good, and pour the sample into it. Make sure you have more than enough. Tie a knot in the end of the condom and put that one inside another rinsed out condom. Tie another knot in the outer condom. Right before you go for the test, put the whole thing in a sink and run hot water on it, the hotter the better. Now take it and pin it to the inside of your fly by sticking the safety pin through the knot in the outer condom. Tuck it down against your goods and your ready to go. When you get in the bathroom to fill the cup, just pull the pin outta the condom and put the end with the receptacle over the cup, using the safety pin carefully poke a hole through both condoms, try not squeeze the condom or it will pop and you will get piss all over, even if it does most will go in the cup. Just to be sure the temp is right you should be holding your hand over the temp strip on the cup. Some people may not have the "stomach" for this but, urine is essentially bacteria free and who hasn't gotten alittle on their hand before? Granted it wasn't someone elses but who cares. You should practice this at home a couple times with water to get the hang of it. I have never failed a drug test using this procedure.
  5. Your best bet is to get one of those guarenteed drink that you drink the morning ofyour test. Follow the direction if you want to be sure to pass. Other than that drinks lots of water and excersise. :)

  6. A friend of mine used the store bought "stuff" and consumed lots of water, his sample was so diluted they knew something was up and fired him. That's why I use the method I posted. Also when my dad was in management at a factorey in OH he found out that the company tested for traces of several "get clean" products.
  7. Ok if your going to use a condom with pee in it make sure that its warm enough. i have to take them and i cant run water at all during them and so i just had cold piss. and well the test was a small rectangle and two lines show up if its clean and one shows up if its ditry well.. mine showed up alsmost clean but it said there was stll thc in the urine.. but th person i got the pee from there was No way possible they had smoked so yeah.. my advice if its a home test.. make SURE at all costs thats body tempature. if you cant run water you can get one of those thermacare heat pads
  8. You run the water on it at home and tuck it in your crotch to keep it at body temp, and hold your hand over the temp strip on the cup.
  9. drink water and dont do ne drugs till after the test

  10. HAHA...that's what i was about to post!
    it works, and you don't have to pay for expensive drinks like an ignorant little bitch.

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