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  1. I have planted two plants in my outdoor garden. The first one is Killer Kush (or something like that) and it is doing great. The other one is Trainwreck and it is having a lot of difficulty. They are both planted in the garden but in an entire bag of pro-mix within the garden. In the picture that I have attached, it doesn't look that bad as I have zoomed in but it has been in the ground for about a month and is still maybe only 3 or 4 inches tall. What can I do to help it? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Is it a autoflower or photo period? Kinda looks over watered,,have u gave it any kind of nutes yet?

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  3. Smothered roots. Maybe a deeper hole with some perilite...and by some I mean a lot.
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  4. outdoors means she ain't gonna get any bigger as you have passed the solstice
    if this be mine I'd extract to a 3usg pot with good soil and 25% perlite
    and put her indoors under a light until she is big enough to flip 12x12


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