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    I need some ideas, guys. for the past couple months there's been an annoying freeloader living in my mom's house. he's been drunk and rude as shit, he's smoked in our smoke-free home and he's generally just uncomfortable to be around, especially for my and my younger sister. neither of us want to be around him and living with him in our basement, eating our food, using our stuff is fucking unsettling. he can't get a job since all he does is sit around and drink cheap beer in the basement, which is filled with his shit btw. 

    worst part? my older sister has two kids, one is his and one isn't but nobody's allowed to mention it which is beyond fucked, and these kids come over at least 2 days/week plus EVERY. FUCKING. WEEKEND. this wouldn't be a problem if they weren't so fucking rude, snotty, messy and straight up disrespectful to everything in my moms house.

     they've both called me and my mom names, screamed at us, thrown shit and they are 4 and 6 fucking years old. they're literal copies of my older sister who bullied me throughout my childhood and is still a bitch to me because 'she just doesn't like me'. 

    I am on the verge of freaking the fuck out. every time they're here I end up resulting in self destructive behavior because I can't handle the stress of these little idiotic kids, the little reincarnations of my childhood tormentor, being in my fucking house. 

    how the hell do I convince my mom to kick this loser and his ungrateful kids the fuck out of her house? 

    PS. he doesn't pay rent.
  2. Real talk.. No offense..but Ur mom needs to grow up.. Put her kids first n not a man.. I think u just really need to talk to ur mom about it n tell her how u really feel..n how u feel uncomfortable in ur own house..that shit is not cool
  3. Your mom will more than likely get sick of it and kick him out at some point. But that's not a guarantee. Some people -- men or women -- wimp out on this stuff and continue to allow bums to live under their roof.

    It never worked for me (had "guests" twice) and I can't think of an instance where someone lived in someone else's house and it didn't end in disaster. The sex of either party is irrelevant.
  4. I assume you're over 18 if you're posting here o_o ever considered moving out yourself? I mean, it's not really your house, so even though this guy seems like a total asshole it's not your decision.

    Not saying that your mom shouldn't stick up for herself and kick this dickhead out, but... if she continues to refuse to consider it, maybe you should leave instead? Is there something keeping you there? Gotta put your own mental health first, and self-destructive behavior is definitely not a good thing.
  5. Start making him pay rent and I bet he will move on to freeload elsewhere.

  6. yeah, i turned 18 last may so i'll be 19 pretty soon. i know it's not my house but i'll be moving out in the next few months, hopefully.

    hopefully, but she's just such a nice damn person that she just lets everyone use her and it just ain't cool. i'm hoping it ends before the disaster strikes but since i have a quick temper when provoked and he has anger issues, i don't think it'll go down pretty.
  7. I would start with the kids, and show them what's up.

    Their kids they can't do shit to you, grab the fuckers by the ears drag them into a empty room and explain to them, "you respect me, my mother and everything in this house and things will be fine, if you don't *puts on serious face* their will be SERIOUS consqeuces"

    If they don't believe you or start acting up, twist their arm, pull their ears, put soap on their tongue (if they swear) etc if they tattle on you and tell people your hurting them, then tell them to man the fuck up and control their kids so you don't have to, if they have a problem (your sister/random guy) tell them they can leave.

    After that start doing the same thing to the guy with the help of your mom.

    Tell him he needs to find a job by the end of the week or he's out. Get your moms support on this, come up with a list of pros and cons to the situation and present it to your mom, once she sees on paper exactly how he is dragging down your quality of life she should change her position on him living with you guys.

    All I'm really trying to say is, speak up, if you don't like something then say something about it and make it change.

  8. i want to do this so fucking bad but their dad, the guy, would probably hit me or something. i'm gonna speak up for sure though, definitely tonight once the kids go back to their moms' house (that my mom bought, LOL what the fuck) and their dad will probably go out to get drunk with whoever.
  9. Well basically it's your moms choice. She sounds like a nice women whom people take advantage of. If she's unwilling to change there's not much you can do. Except dealing with yourself. Moving out is an option but I always warn the young that of ya move out make sure ya have enough to stay out because coming back is even harder. When they're over I suggest getting out of the house. If its causing you that much anxiety an shit that you harm yourself you need to get out. Take a walk smoke a doobie and breath. When the guy passes your boundary tell him and express this to your mother. Be the bigger person because it seems your sister and this guy arent changing anytime soon.

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    If you move out and in with a GF or somebody, be prepared for the possibility of problems a few months down the road. Home might seem like a nice place in comparison. Living under the same roof with anybody -- male, female, lover or friend -- is the most difficult thing I've ever done. Two divorces, two live-in GFs, and three bums I let live with me are my story.

    Also: however much money you figure you'll need to live away from home, double or triple that to be safe.

    I grew up in an intact, stable, loving home and I had the greatest parents in the world (now both deceased). I never forget that, especially when I read stories like yours.

    Good luck to you. :)

  11. That's good, if he hits you, your mom will not stand for it, if she is as caring as you say she is.

    He would be out the door by the end of the week along with his little shit weasels :p

    And like I said, if the dad has a problem with what you are doing then he can up and leave and any moment.

    Also try to keep reminding this is YOUR house and not his, when he asks where something is instead of saying "it's under the fishtank" say something along the lines of "it's under OUR fishtank" just small hints that he will subconsciously pick up, and over time he will feel like an intruder or not very welcome.

    Anyway I hope my advice helps somewhat :eek:
  12. thanks for all the advice guys, i appreciate it a helluva lot. i'll talk to my mom tonight and then tell you what goes down!
  13. The solution is easy... move out of your parents house.
  14. Move out or do what was posted above and speak up. If he hits you, go to court and either press charges or get a restraining order. Shitty situation, good luck though
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    You're really cute so go find a guy that's nice and not a jerk, and move in with him. Sounds unruly, but sometimes you just gota put up with it if you can't change the situation.
  16. damn you are a real trooper. try to remain calm and patient. spank the kids. act motherly. dont loose your cool. tell the guy he's a freeloading peice of shit in the calmest voice you can muster. tell him every day. have your cell phone ready, with 911 already entered in so you can just press dial. he might get physical. the cops will come and rid you of him.
  17. so i talked to mi madre and she sort of just brushed it off and said 'he'll leave soon'. but he's been here for months and she originally said 'a few weeks'. i told her that it's fucking annoying to have this freeloader living up in my shit and she said that i would have to put up with it. she is quite spineless. i love her but she needs some fucking balls.

    guess i'm still stuck with this douche. :( smoke one for me.
  18. Sorry kid =\ I thought as much would happen, and stick by my advice. It's a sucky situation but I'd distract myself w positivity like if he is bothering you leave, go to your room, take a walk, smoke an l.
  19. Holy shit. You've got a problem on ur hands dk
    Those kids need their asses kicked by their parents and to learn some fucking respect for other peoples stuff and homes. As for ur sister she Sounds like a bitch and doesn't belong in ur life and her freeloading boyfriend or whatever needs to get out of ur basement. You shouldn't have to convince ur mon she should be convinced by his actions of being a basement dweller/ mooch.
  20. Is this dick still in ur basement.? Didn't realize this wasn't a new thread

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