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    im doing an indoor grow and have no idea what the problem is here. they are about 4 weeks into flowering. theyre in soil under cfl's. does anyone know??? thanks.

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  2. how about some info...

    ph before watering/ph of runoff
  3. the problem with what? how can we possibly know what's wrong without any info? how about i show you a picture of my car,then you tell me what's wrong with it!
  4. well im a beginner grower. theyre in soil. each one under a 100 watt equivalent cfl. and i dont know the ph. would you suggest i get a test kit? thanks.
  5. The best thing you can do is read up on the basics of growing cannabis. It will serve you much better to go and buy a book that you can reference rather than wait for somebody to reply to a thread. Check out Kamel's "sticky" on CFL's and you'll realize that the 100w equivalent CFL is actually probably something 23 watts. Anyways you're going to need a way to monitor PH, so yes some sort of testing kit is required. But off the top of my head those blackish purple spots usually indicate a P defiency I believe. Read, read and read some more before you start up again.
  6. yeah get a test kit...if you have a local hydro store they are normally around 5-10bucks for a drop test kit. Your ph should be around 6.4-6.8 for soil, so check your water that you give your plant before feeding, then collect the water that runs off when you water and check it.

    I believe the rule of thumb is 100w of cfl light(not equivilent watts)although it looks like your plant is budding so maybe something to think about for next grow.
  7. ok cool. thanks a lot.
  8. ok so the ph of my water is about 7.3. the runoff is about 6.0.
  9. Thats a little high. Maybe try flushing them a little more. Are you using any nutes?
  10. Sounds to me like you are running what 17-19 WATTS per plant ? You are not going to get much further like that IMO...
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    not since i switched the light cycle over. i added some epsom salt the other day to see if that would help. and its about 25 watts per plant.
  12. maybe some bloom buster might help ya out.
  13. you might wanna get about 3-4 more of the bulbs you have on each plant if its flowering try 4 or 5 of those bulbs in soft white, your not gona do much with the low wattage you got, but i do have to hand it to you, you have came a long way with just one cfl!!!:eek:

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