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  1. Hello everyone, I am not particularly new to growing but the tent thing is somewhat new to me. I hope to give you all the info I can cause without all the info, you can't give me answers. I plan to grow in a perpetual 3 tent system, 1 tent veg feeding the other 2 tents every month. Each tent is 10ft wide x 10ft long x 6'6" tall. In each flower tent is 4, 1k double ended light in sealed DE Boss fixtures. Inline fan is hanging outside blowing through 8 inch ducting through 1 light, then assisted with a booster fan through the 2nd light, then out the side of the tent. In the veg tent is 4, 1k parabolic hoods. In the veg tent is also a 18k btu mini split a/c unit. In the other 2 flower tents is a 12k btu mini split a/c unit. I do not know what to do about venting the tent? I do not want humidity to reach past the 50%, I have had problems in the past where the humidity has jumped all the way to 99% and that is a killer for my plants. My RH is about 30%, and I personally would like it to stay that way. Any help of ventilation would be greatly appreciated.
  2. May just need a dehumidifier... I personally veg and flower in 60-80% humidity with no ill effects... I keep a fan on them at all times though and have a strong intake/outtake so there is no stagnant air.

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  3. If I understand you correctly your main large 8" exhaust fan is blowing in the lights via the output of the fan? This is not the way it should be done.

    Everything should be on the intake side of the exhaust fan. That's how the grow is kept at a negative pressure. If you hook things to the output of the exhaust fan the room is in a positive pressure and it pushes bad smells out every leak.

    I may just be misunderstanding you. Most times if your humidity is too high with that much ac you don't have enough exhaust fan blowing out. I live in an area that is 100% humidity. I use no AC and no dehumidifier. My tent is 38% with lights on and 55-60% with lights off. This is acceptable levels to me so I don't change it. I doubt you live in a more moist environment then me. If you have more moisture then me building up in your tent it's because you aren't pumping it out fast enough. You are growing in large spaces. 10x10 is 100 squares. That's massive compared to most personal setups. You may have to add a second exhaust fan blowing all that moist air outside.

  4. So I might be confused. I have a 8" inline fan blowing through 1 light, then the air goes through a booster fan to the 2nd light then out the tent. There are 2 lines that do this, each line does 2 lights.
  5. I just orderd a air humidifier, it costed 130 euros, but i think it will be worth it, humidity at growing room is 80% now in flowering, not good
  6. If you ordered a humidifier, your humidity is going to get worse....
  7. Yes sorry i said that wrong, i ment i bought a de-humidifier.

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