need some help here - burn spots/sick leafs

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by mjboy, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. ok i posted this in my grow journal but cant seem to post the pics here. im sure ill get more help on this in teh sick forum so heres the link to the pics of my plants.

    please let me know if you can help.
  2. any help? come on guys just want to clarify here :wave:
  3. 23 views and no one can give me an idea of what they think it is? come one guys i really need some input here
  4. It looks to me like either fert burn or possibly pH spotting.

    I don't know all the conditions of your grow (it's not fair to expect someone to read your whole grow journal to figure them out), so I can't get any more specific than that right now, but please post back with info about your setup, particularly whether or not you're using nutes (as well as what kind, how much, how often, etc.) and the pH of the water you give your plants, and the pH of the soil (a runoff reading would be ideal, if you have one).
  5. post all your info!!!

    what kind of soil?
    whats the pH?
    whats the nutes?
    whats the temps?
    what kind of lights?
    how far away are your lights?
    how often do you water?
  6. just wanted to take a look at the pics (not read the whole thing) to give me an idea. I think i know what the issue is so ill leave it alone. thanks
  7. You went from CFL's to a 1000w HPS? It does look like bleaching man. I think your guess is right.

    They should be fine
  8. yea I'm sure it's both

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