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  1. What to do when your out of weed, out of money, and your dealer is in a wheelchair :mad:
  2. [quote name='"TheWeedPeace"']What to do when your out of weed, out of money, and your dealer is in a wheelchair :mad:[/quote]

    Tell everyone you're taking a T-Break so it doesn't seem as pathetic! :devious:

    What does the wheelchair have to do with any of this lol
  3. He can't get around and front me haha
  4. haha, oh wow!
  5. Resin hits!
  6. Occupy!

    or fight prohibition somehow:hello:
  7. Since you are in the US, you can donate blood or plasma for cash. Then hop the train to his place.

    But honestly, if you have no money I'm sure you can put your cash to better use. Take care of the necessities first and foremost. Is your rent paid up? Do you have enough food to eat? Are you in danger of losing your phone or electricity? Prioritize. The kind will always be there.

  8. you could not worry about it today
  9. Recycle? I can spend 1 hour taking in trash and get at least $50-$100. Expect stickiness
  10. throw a broomstick in his wheels and rob his shit :devious:
  11. ask his wheelchair sittin' ass if he would be kind enough to front you some weed until you can cop some cash.
  12. This reminds me of my first dealer being in a wheelchair. but yea I love donating plasma thats the best option(if not afraid of needles) Just expect to spend a good amount of time up there. Allows me to have party money every weekend.

    -MaxAmmo what do you reycle to get hat kind of cash flow? I did 5 bags of crushed cans once and only got like 20 bucks max.
  13. Well he keeps saying he will front me but he keeps passing out he was in a car accident, my dealer keeps falling asleep on me haha

  14. Depends! I actually called and asked for rates. Glass is big bucks here.
  15. Also, knowing glass is pricey, I'll hit up bars and random higher end restaurants as they have massive volumes of bottles thrown out daily.

    I have a friend who has upgraded from dumpster recycling to metal scraps, she said she used to make 1000 in a weekend easy money. All with a 03 mustang.
  16. Why you don't see too many Asian homeless, we don't fuck around.

  17. Yea, Asians are taking over the world man...especially in America. 30% of all Ivy league students are Asian haha
  18. [quote name='"TheWeedPeace"']Okay how much money can you earn from donating blood? And how much do I have to give? And plasma too[/quote]

    I believe the real money is in plasma. And idk I've never done it. But I think its the plasma centers you need to be looking for

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