Need some help guys...should I remove any from these ladies??

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  1. New to growing and just got an ac infinity 2x4x6 in the mail and have these 2 ladies. Haven't been fed any nutes yet and still have somewhat too much nitrogen from FFOF but they're 10x better than they were. I topped picture 2 and all I did to picture 1 I thinned her fan leaves off and just some other leaves that were in the way. Not sure what else to do with them. They're getting switched to 12/12 as soon as I get the tent set up.

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  2. I’d would start doing some LST and tying them down. They’re looking a little tall and going to start stretching once you switch to 12/12.
    You’ll be losing some height inside your tent because of your lights and filter.
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  3. Yeah I figured. The tent does come with a trellis line if that's gonna help at all? I didn't top the 1st picture but I did the 2nd. Just wanted to see what it would be like if I topped one and didn't top the other. Should I top the 1st one or too late?
  4. These look like some nice big plants . Problem is keep this in mind . A plant usually will stretch 2.5 the size once you put them into flower . You will not have the room. Top the plants to the proper height where the will be no larger then 4 foot tall in flower . Hope that helps .
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  5. That's what I was wanting to do. Just nervous about it. The 2nd pic has been topped and she's just bushy. I'll be using a trellis line in the tent but I get that doesn't really help with height much so I'll just have to top the other lady cause I'm gonna say after my fan,light and filter I'll have about 4.5 ft left in my tent.
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  6. Where do you guys suggest I top the 1st one? I can go below the top 2nd or 3rd node. I was wanting to do the 3rd just to make sure it doesn't get too over grown in the tent
  7. I lst on the 4th lateral many on the 3rd, it will depend on the tent size even the strain be growing , as they are in veg take the cuts and use at clones, for the next grow lol, you may need a box with cfl on 18/6 when the big light is off, I flush well before the 12x12 flip to remove as much (N) from the plant as I can, before taking the cuts so the rootlets emerge quicker, but for many on their first grow this can lead many up an unwanted path, but I argue cloning is a skill most growers will seek, after checking the price of the last seeds

    good luck
  8. I have an extra light for the clones so they will be in their own little box but yes I had a little bit of excess N just from FFOF is too hot I guess so Ibe been adding some coco and perlite to the mix and it seems to be helping so yes I planned on flushing a couple times before the switch just to hopefully get out as much N as possible. I have lotus bloom and calmag so just hoping to get a good harvest outta these babies
  9. those things will stretch to over 4 ft tall if you dont top them or monster crop them maybe even 5 ft tall and you only have 4 ft clearance at the most just top about 8 inches off

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