Need some help from the PSU tokers out there

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jayhash420, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Alright so i need some help from anyone who goes to penn state or anyone who knows shit about pennsylvania laws. Well i got caught this weekend smoking a J around on campus by the campus police. Me and my friends only had a roach left and the cops came up on us on bikes because the smelt the weed. They knew we were smoking but i guess couldn't prove it cuz they had to get the joint tested or something. So the cops tried interegating us and shit trying to get us to come clean, no one did though. I told the cops i was just smoking a cig, my other friend refused to talk and my other friend who was very drunk talked to them, but wasn't sure what he was talking about. So my friend who was holding the roach when they came up on us was told by the cop that he was going to be charged with possesion but that he wasn't arrested and that he would have to come back to pennsylvania to face the charges (he was visiting for the weekend from boston area). The one cop told me since i'm a student that i wasn't going to get any charges but he would refer me to penn state judicial affairs. So i'm wondering what i can expect is going to happen to me and when i'll find out? also does anyone know what the deal with PA drug investigations is?

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