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  1. Okay, so I'm 20 days in from seed into my first indoor grow. This is under a 600w hps enhanced spectrum bulb. I have a few concerns I'd love some help with. This is in FF happy frog with 30% perlite added. Just started ferting with FF Grow Big yesturday. PH is 6.8, RH is 38% Temp 79f Plants are 2 cream caramel and 1 white domina

    1) The leaves on of on the plants have started to curl under themselves on the edges, this is only on 1 teir of leaves but the yellowing seems to be spreading.

    2)Two of the plants is very light green in color. The new growth looks a bit darker after adding the fert, but the lower leaves have some dead/burnt spots on the very tips and some of the edges. What might be causing this?

    First pic is of the plant with burnt tips and curling leaves..this is my largest concern. The others are just other angles and one of them shows is how it looked 3-4 days ago before it started curling, at which point it jsut had dead tips. Thanks in advance guys. I know you'll have answers!
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