Need some help from someone with Netflix

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Dronetek, May 15, 2011.

  1. A few other movies are doing that too. Some bug. Try resetting your streaming device if it's a consul or bluray. I just watched that movie this morning and streamed it with no issues.
  2. Mine says it's temporarily unavailable.
  3. I got that on the mst3k movie. How are you watching it? Pc or device?
  4. it worked for me on pc
  5. Its still telling me "unavailable".
  6. Is it still unavailable?
  7. i was debating watching that anyway so i guess ill check it for ya, let ya knowp what happens in a sec

    EDIT: works fine for me buddy, probably just a glitch for you try it again later
  8. its pretty damn good so far btw :smoke:
  9. It worked for me. Good movie BTW.

    Just saw they put up "Deadfall Trail" in the new movies section. Going to give that a watch.

    I gotta say Netflix has been stepping up lately with their selection.

    Pretty damn good service for only $7.99/month for unlimited streaming.
  10. Nope, I still cant watch it. This sucks.

  11. that blows it was pretty good, first movie i've seen where a normal person literally just beats the shit out of multiple zombies till they die
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    I'm a Nigerian! I'm a Nigerian!

  13. i want a clip of just that, so badly. but i was referring to the white guy when he killed 2 at once hahaa
  14. Finally saw it. It was ok, but mostly a pile of crap. It had a boring, pointless story that ends in a way that almost taunts you for wasting your time.
  15. this is now doing this with 60% of the movies available for me...gettin pissed off
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    Have you tried calling them?
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    haha shit probly shoud have read your question first but that shit happend to me to its probably your network try again in a few days i hate that shit netflix instant sucks anyways most good is dvd only
  18. Want a mindfuck you already knew was going to happen?

    Watch: Pandorum

  19. hey i liked pandorum

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