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Need some help from people who have quit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by canofthebis, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Hi all

    I pretty much need to quit for some personal reasons,

    but when I think about quitting, I always get the feeling of - well nothings going to be enjoyable, i wont want to watch game of thrones anymore, masturbation will be a bore, and sleeping will be like hell.

    I was talking to somebody about what would you do if you were a millionaire, most people would say a yacht in the carribean with champagne, i would say a yacht with a spliff.

    My question to you is - if i quit for say 6 months - do you think that I would still wish I had a spliff to watch game of thrones or that my dream would be puffing weed in the carribean - or do you lose that feeling and things can seem just as good without weed?
  2. Although I'm not even a week into my indefinite break, it sounds like you should stop. Quit jerking it and actually go out and pursue some women. I'm not saying weed is a bad thing, but you need to have your priorities in order first before you toke again (which is why I've stopped for now).

    Things will be enjoyable still. The first few days will be tough but you'll eventually learn to like the things you do again sober.

    to answer your question though, if I were a millionaire, I would probably still smoke because my life would likely be in order (at least financially)

    Good luck. You know best what it is you need to do.
  3. It's not bad if you have a scheduled day.
  4. I've been on a month tolerance break, (sort of forced to by circumstances), I went from smoking every day a ton, to not being able to at all. I was dreading it, and I won't lie it did/does suck, but it gets easier as time goes on (especially on busy days when you don't have time to think about it). The main thing I noticed was not being able to sleep good for the first 3-4 days, and not eating much at first. You just have to stick it out though, as time passes it does get easier but I still want to smoke and plan on starting again asap, since my tolerance has probably gone down a lot by now. I've also come to appreciate the herb a lot more since i've taken a step back from it.
  5. I really miss it the first few days and I get really anxious because I have anxiety and the main reason I smoke is for that and my arthritis pain. Then I just seem to forget about it, but I do normally end up drinking more when I quit. Since I started growing now I may just take a T-break myself until my harvest is ready. The bud hasn't been that great lately around here so I haven't been really satisfied with the smoke I get.
  6. nah. in m experiance, the urges subside after about 2 weeks of no THC. I'll still get occasianal urges when im about to go see an awesome movie (Zero Dark Thirty Anybody!?) but it's definitly managable, and by the time the movie starts i'm over it
  7. You know, it's a really funny thing. You see, I quit for good more than a year ago. It's not like I was on probation or had to pass a DT or anything. It's just, weed wasn't a good fit for my life at the time, and still isn't to this day. I'm too busy; weed + me just wasn't working anymore, so I quit. Maybe I'll find my way back to it, when I'm in a different place in life, maybe not.

    The funny thing is, I had a lot of anxiety about quitting. I thought life was going to suck, because let's face it, weed is fun. The first week did suck, but to be perfectly honest with you, after that, meh. I found out that life was just as nice, for me anyway, without the weed. Everything was just as it'd always been, except I was less stressed out.

    Quitting weed really isn't a big deal. Unless you're a medical user for good reason, weed just doesn't change your life all that much. You quit, and life goes on as usual. The brain is a tricky bastard though. See, our brains don't like to change habits and you're going to feel anxious about it. But that's it. Really not a bid deal.
  8. get arrested and put on probation.. thats how i quit
  9. Great post, sir. I will look back to this the next time I feel like smoking.
  10. My distraction is just studying. Because nothing is as fun as smoking imo so I just study and try hard in to get good grades. :)
  11. well.. lets put it this way, if you LIKE to smoke weed, and you WANT to smoke weed, you are going to MISS smoking weed. that's how i always am no matter how long the break. it's not because i CRAVE it, but i MISS it like a long lost friend :(
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    I don't think a persons number one priority should be having to get high unless they have some legitimate medical need (not that recreational users like myself don't benefit in therapeutical ways). After a persons responsibilities are taken care of then they can toke away. I don't think theres anything wrong with smoking daily though for at least a few hours, I do myself. It just isn't the most absolutely necessary thing I "have to do" during my way. I've gone for months without smoking. I miss it, but I can live without if I had to. Sometimes it can be good to take a break, theres nothing wrong with that.

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