Need some help from any hydro gower. much appreciated!

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by jujugreens, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Hey ive got some questions about my plants.sorry i dont have any pictures, but my system is a top drip system with clay pebbles and a resovoir and a pump that waters them 3 times a day. the roots are hanging long now and i was wondering if when the roots get long enough and they hang down into the solution can i stop using the pump? its real noisy and it would help alot if i didnt need to run it. i mean i have a nice air pump aerating the solution with an air pump anyways.also if you have any advice with feeding schedules that would help alot. right now there a 3 30 minute feedings a day. some help would be much appreciated. thanks
  2. you might as well do DWC then, can u get a quiter pump mine is 350gpm and it is quite, keeping with the pump will give better results
  3. i cant help much but know dwc is a good idea for ya and agree with the prior post
  4. No. Keep watering em.
  5. Do both, but run your pump for the top feed 24/7 as well as your air pump. Make sure your nutrient solution is at the bottom of the basket...this will allow your plant to have more feeder roots thus taking up more nutrients.

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