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    Well due to some medical events, I think I have decide to medically withdraw from the rest of semester where i go to school. Dont really wanna get into what happened but read other thread Iv made. Part of this decision is that I realized I made the mistake of making most of my freindships around getting high and now that I cant do that anymore I am gonna be having some lonely nights. I dont wanna stay at home and get a job, as I feel I will just turn to pills more.

    Does any1 know any programs or anything that start Anytime after the middle of March?

    I mean something like outward bound..... anything something that im with other college students..... Really open here... Internships anything

    Any websites would be cool. im 19 so doing something with 18-20 would be best.

    This isnt a real life story so im not posting it there, and honestly this will get alot more views here. Could really use the help.

    Doing volunteer work... Habitat for humanity.... money isnt an issue

    traveling would be nice

    This is for the rest of th semester. Summer I already got stuff lined up.
  2. feed my starving children is a good program, but its kinda religious, uhhh peace core?
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    I dunno what your major is, but you should look into an REU program.

    Try searching your college's website for such programs.

    I know I attended a really good nano-tech program with a basis on physics at Cornell University last summer for 8 weeks. I met some students from around the U.S... We exchanged numbers and shit but I haven't talked to anyone since, and proabably never will. :eek:

    But I'm amazingly shy, you'd probably do better at meeting people and shit.

    It was still an amazing experience.
  5. Have you ever heard of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School)? They go on trips all over the world backpacking, kayaking, etc. My friend did one in Alaska, kayaking for 3 weeks this summer, another one of my friends did on in Patagonia backpacking. You also get college credit for them I think. Idk just something to look into.

  6. Ill pass on the navy, only need something for 2 months

    Will check out

    REU stands for?

    will check out NOLS thing 2
  7. Research Experience for Undergraduates.
  8. Wish I could help you out, but I hear ya when it comes to that friendship part.

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