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  1. OK, lets say I germinated a seed. Planted it 1/2" under the surface of chosen medium, everything went fine and she popped. Now what? Can I use a 400w HPS throughout her ENTIRE life cycle? How far do I keep it from the plant at different stages in its life like germination, vegetation or flowering? Do I begin vegetation as soon as she's sprouted? I've read a shit tons over the past few months but can't grasp these few things. I'm new to growing indoors, and I can't afford to keep paying street prices. PLEASE help? Also, if a 400w HPS is out of the question for the earlier stages, what would be the cheapest alternative that would be suffice for flowering as well?
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    400W is fine for the whole lifecycle, switch from mh during veg for 1 1/2 month then mh for 1-2 months for flowering

  3. Yes you can have her on HPS throughout the entire cycle..many many do. How far do you keep it? Well as low as you can if you can manage the heat..its a game you will play through out the life of your plant. You should be taking temp readings from the top not the bottom.

    You have no choice but to begin vegetation as soon as she has sprouted unless you go to 12/12 right away.
  4. Ok you cleared that up for me thanks ;p also, I read that I should keep the light at 24/0 for the first two weeks and THEN drop to 18/6 and flower after 40 days roughly. All the while keeping the light 12-18" from the plant (check with hand). Is this right?

  5. You can keep your lights on 24/0. Its like one long ass day.

    Your hand is somewhat accurate but a 15 dollar temp guage from Walmart is better.

    Flowering on average takes about 60 days give or take.
  6. Btw after you have read some guides and stickies in the forums which it sounds like you have the best way to start is to dive in. About 80-85% of what you need to know is found in guides other 15-20% you learn on the fly. So germinate and get growing.

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