Need Some Help Do You Think She is Ready?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Mr. HD, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. whats up guys. Im new to the forum and also new to growing ive researched alot of information this past year and attempted to grow my own little one and im in need of some help. i just started out with one seed just so i diddent ruin all of them haha but this is where im at in the flowering stage i think she is done but im going to need more opinions. I did start a little late(may) due to me battleing my self i was not sure if i was going to follow through with it or just say fuck it but i did and hear i am, i am roughly around day 50 of flowering i believe i couldent remember exactly when it started flowering it was the end of august maybe first week of september but the pistols and everything are turning amber i do have a jewler microscope and trichs do look milky but they also look clear just having a hard time figuring it out. probably started flushing about a week ago from today Im not expecting a crazy harvest haha this was just a very cool experience for me and i am going to go twice as hard next season. take a look.
    20141008_103921_resized.jpg 20141008_103941_resized.jpg 20141008_103947_resized.jpg 20141008_103950_resized.jpg 20141008_104121_resized.jpg

  2. In my opinion you should let it grow till you see amber. I dont like my medicine to put me to sleep so I harvest when I can see 10-15% amber per bud. Its all up to you and what kind of buzz you like. The more amber you have the better chance it would put you to sleep. Nice plant btw.. looks like some good smoke.

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