Need some help building a tent

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by masterdebater49, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. ok to keep this simple as possible ....I have a closet...going to put a homemade tent inside...need it to be sealed so i can suck some stinky bud smell out of it through a carbon filter with no leaks. But need easy way to open and close it (zipper???)

    CLOSET Dimensions : 1.5' Deep x 4'5" Wide x 8.5' Tall

    I have a 400watt light, TDX100 Fan, Bubble buckets etc.

    all i can think of is framing it out with PVC and using that black and white poly with a Tarp zipper..any suggestions? Also need to seal around the ducting coming out of the tent
  2. tarp zippers are a good idea... seen velco once... it didn't last

    i've seen a home made tent.... the only reason I would suggest against it...

    fire hazard... tents are fire proof... and they come with the necessary ports for growing... as well as being reflective

    Use foil tape.. the kind HVAC guys use... 18 dollars a roll... its reflective and makes a pretty good bond

    keep us updated..I wish you the best of luck
  3. hmm but idk where i would find an already made one that fits dimensions of my closet..

    gah help
  4. mag- sick tent but its 4x10 wont fit in my closet unfortunatly..

    jakester- thanks dude ill check that stuff out. duct tape is sort of my fall back plan ( for everything actually lol) but something about it for this job just doesnt satisfy me for some reason i feel i need something better haha. also i wanna be able to tape it apart.

  5. you can always use some Superklip Tube and Pipe Clamp

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