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Need some help - bought a tent, wondering if these work lights will help!?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by shotnva777, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. So I just ordered a tent. Its about 5 foot tall, 2 1/2 foot deep and 4 ft wide (give or take)!

    I plan to get an HPS/MH 400W Cooltube by the next grow/end of THIS grow I'm about to start. So in other words, my 3 shark attacks will be grown in three 4-5 gallon buckets and have a 400w HPS for flowering! Right now, they'll have SIX TRUE WATT 300W cfls with helmets! I'm wondering If I can throw this in their too to help??



    This MAY sound DUMB as shit, and quite honestly could be a dumbass question.... But I'd still LOVE someone's honest opinion..... Not a bash! I don't even know WHAT kind of lights the thing holds. Someone just gave it to me a while back and i use it to work on my cars... Its fucking BRIGHT, ill tell U THAT much! But it DOES put off some heat! The tent will have PLENTY of circulation though!

    Just an idea... Any input from anyone? ONE fixture is ABOUT as big as my hand.... I know I'm not the first to contimplate this shit! Lol...
  2. 1000w Halogen Flood Lights.... Sorry.
  3. 777: Those look like the halogens I have outside for patio lighting and they run very hot and use a lot of juice. In a tent I don't think you can beat a rack of T-5's so long as they're long enough and wide enough to cover your grow. That's my two cents. Hank

  4. Preciate it hank.... I guess I kinda answered my own question! I'm not using them, instead I built THIS.....!



    Works PERFECT at a solid 78 degrees! ;)

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