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  1. [​IMG]I have a few questions I have 4 plants that are a little over 3 weeks old from seeds i notices on 2 of the the bottom leafs have turn a yellow and brownish color I maybe over react a little but I figured I would see what some of y'all might would say they seem to be growing pretty good I have them up under 2 480 Mars hydro led lights and The ventilation is really good my temp stays between 73 78 let me no what y'all thank [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Looks like you need more nitrogen
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  3. woah woah woah don't be giving advice whacky with a link to "Your First Grow- Need Help" on the same post...

    those bottom leaves are the baby leaves and no more then cotyledons and they always fall off. Your soil looks really wet and heavy. Those guys looked overwatered to the point of the plant not being able to uptake nitrogen from the soil. All that perlite on the top is locking in lots of water and why are your lights so high up ? I hope it was for the sake of the picture. I would lower the lights and add more side ventilation. Those girls need fresh air. Dumping chemicals on plants is not always the solution.
  4. Lol but what's up man the reason for the soil looking so wet is because I had just water right before taking the picture and the reason for the lights so high is because I moved my inline fan around and I had to move the lights up to get in there and hook it up I keep the lights around 20 inches is that cool or about where should they be and I have 2 six inch booster fans one bring in fresh air and one just helping move he air around in the bottom of the tent along with 4 more little fans blowing on and around the plants and a 6 inch inline fan to bring air out of the tent my ventilation should be good right?

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  5. Over all my plants like to be doing okay but I'm starting to notice the leafs lighting up more and more

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  6. I didnt say to dump chemicals on a plant. I merely suggested what could be the problem. Just because I am on my first grow doesn't mean that I don't have input on what might be happening with someone else's pants.
  7. Lol thanks for the info don't worry about it everybody's new to it sometime or another

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  8. N
    Nice set up are those mars hydro?
  9. Yeah they are 480 watts

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  10. In having a similar issue can anyone help is it neut burn or lack of neuts [​IMG][​IMG]

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