Need some help/advise on my babies

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    Hi all.
    First time grower here. I recently purchased a grow tent, filter and led light set up. My plants are looking a little miserable at the moment and I cant seem to think of what could be the problem. Really hoping someone on here know what's up.

    I planted my seeds around July 20th. They popped up in about 2 days and started coming out strong but now they are starting to curl up and turn brown. I fed them 1 round of nutrients (the trio) using the recommended dosage on the back of the bottle. The light currently sits about 1-1.5 feet away from the plants. Temperature is between 20 and 25 celcius and humidity sits around 75-80%. Medium in pics (this is the bag suggested to me from the hydroponics store)

    If anyone has any experience with dealing with this please shoot me a message.

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  2. You didn't mention the SPECIFIC medium that you are planted in.
    That will help.
  3. Just updated a bag of soil in the pics.
  4. I am by far no expert. But that looks over watered to me. I have been advised that under most circumstances plants grown in soil need to drain thoroughly, and not sit in excess water in a dish. Also a light meter might help to make sure they are in the sweet spot. Just my $.02..
  5. Just from what Iv experiences. Due to your temps and humidity I’d say your over watering it looks very familiar ( Iv fucked this up a lot in the past. )
    Like spike said. Let them drain well and let them dry up well before you water again. You should feel a huge difference in picking up the pots when soil dry vs wet

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  6. I've purchased some of the fabric bag pots for the final transplant. Do you think it could help if I transferred these girls over now? I'm not sure how big they need to be before I move them.
  7. The smaller the better when they are new to the world. You want the little girls to develop a healthy root ball before to go big..
  8. So I guess my only option is to wait a little until the soil is all dried out? Is there another to help prevent the browning while it dries out a bit?
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  9. Cannabis is extremely resilient, so with a little time and love they will probably be fine. If you don't already have one, pick up a moisture meter. Even the cheapo ones at the DIY store are good enough to start. Home depot has one that tests light, moisture & ph, and it's about $10. You can always upgrade later to something more fancy when you need it. FYI, if for any reason they don't make it, don't get frustrated and give up. Take what you learned from it and try again. Growing your own herb is fun, therapeutic, and totally satisfying. Sites like this help everyone become a better grower.
  10. I've only grown a couple plants, but from one newbie to another, the easiest way I found to make sure not to overwater was to wait until the plants begin to wilt. Let them really dry out until they wilt a little and then give them a good watering. You will see everything perk right back up within a few hours after you water them. Underwatering is an easy quick fix, overwatering is worse.
  11. Ditch the tray so the roots can breathe, then let the soil dry out a bit. (Get a moisture meter) Depending on the problem your plant is having, the damaged leaves will probably not recover (unless it's just wilted or something minor), but your new growth will be healthy-assuming you fixed the problem..
  12. You fed them way too early. The soil also looks excessively wet. When they're small, keep the soil most all time by watering more frequent but give them lesser volumes of water. Don't give them any nutrients until it's about two weeks. The bigger the plant grow the more resistant it will be, good luck ;)
  13. THIS! For sure. I don’t understand why new growers get so Nute happy. No disrespect to OP

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  14. Thanks for the advise everyone. I hope they start to perk up a bit. Will update if things start to look up.
  15. Good luck, stay positive!

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