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Need some help / advice about a cough

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by canofthebis, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Hi guys

    I smoke 3 joints a day

    I have a cough thats been here for 2 months now - never getting better or worse - just occasional cough like every hour or so and worse at night when i smoke.

    I went for chest xray came back all clear.

    do you guys think if i stop smoking it will go away or has anyone had something similar?

  2. Start vaping
  3. I've been having pretty well the same thing happening to me. And I actually did start vaping a couple days ago and since then I've noticed a big inprovement. Cough is almost gone now
  4. Well it is the winter season so maybe you just got yourself a itsy bitsy cold. Ever thought of that?
  5. Just take edibles or vape for a few days and see if it makes a difference. You might just have a could but it can help. :smoking:

  6. for 2 months...
  7. Well it was snowing rather badly here in new york before holloween, so yes it's a possibility.
    canofthebis: Try some cough medicine, a tea spoon or two should do the trick hopefully. If not, at least you can rule that out.
  8. Steam. inhale lots of steam before and after u toke :)
  9. steam is nice and vaping is probably a must for you. Some people do develop respiratory problems from smoking, don't think that just because many here do not you will not either.

    You can still smoke but not until your cough goes away, if you want to get better and not worse.
  10. it could just be the ending of a cold i had a nasty cold about 2 years ago and i had the cough for over half a year went to the docs like 3 times he just said i was gettin over a cold each time viruses stay in the body alot longer then most people think
  11. thanks for advice guys glad it is fairly common
  12. put a dab of vicks rub into the tube of your bong.You can take whole rips easier with chest congestion.

    You need to switch to something smoother and less harsh for awhile. Bong, vape, or something.
  13. if your doing it everyday, it will cause a cough. cutting back might help a bit, but what would be more helpful is vaping or edibles. Not only is vaping more cost effective, it's also better for you. Edibles are something out of this world. They last for the longest, get you the highest, are better for you, are discrete, and .5-1 gram with no tolerance will have you in contact with alien worlds for the whole day... :hello::smoking:
  14. i had a bad cough, but continued to smoke and the cough just took way longer to go away then it should have. You can just vape if you want instead and give your lungs a break.

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