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    Ok, Ive exhausted about every search i could do online. Im more confused now then when I started. Not sure if I have nute burn, nitrogen deficiency, magnesium deficiency, heat/humidity problems?

    150w HPS 13 inches from top of plant. Measured the heat at top of plant yesterday, it was around 70 degrees.
    Soil PH is around 6-6.5
    Watering with purfied spring water. Although did a trasnplant into miracle grow soil to bigger pot and flush with tap water 2 days ago, just cause I cant afford to flush with the high dollar water :( But ive had this plant problem before I transplanted. Its worse now and seems to be spreading after the transplant.
    Soil isnt dry, I dont think this is a under/over watering problem. Im keeping a fan blowing on it at all times with tempetures staying between 60-70 in the room.
    For the entire grow ive had EXTREMELY slow growth, plant is about 5 inches tall and its been under this HPS light for a month now, before that it was under a couple CFLs.

    What can I do to save this thing? Thanks guys


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  2. what type of soil did you use? get your pH up a little bit higher, around 6.7. it looks deficient in phosphorus, but that may be because an acidic pH. not sure if the crispy leaves is from nute burn or from the phosphorus deficiency. it may be burnt from too much N but too little Mg. but yes it is definitley deficient in magnesium.

  3. I transplanted the plant into Miracle Grow potting mix 2 days ago. New soil and moved into a much bigger container. Also added 20% perlite to the mix cause I thought i was having a problem with drainage in the old pot and soil I was using. Before I transplanted I flushed the soil with tap water.
    I can raise magnesium with epsom salt right?
  4. thats where your problem begins. dont add anything yet. to be honest, i would just get your plant out of that crap.

    is it potting soil? or their organic mix? check to see if it has any added nutrients. if it does, they are most likley slow release nutrients, and that soil is screwed.
  5. Listen to OSU.
    Your better off buying a bare soil and ammending it yourself. That MG stuff will only cause you more trouble than its worth. Do yourself a favor and give it to somebody you dont like, and tell em its "awesome for mj" lol
  6. Did a ph reading of my water, was on the high side it was over 7 I lowered it to 6 and watered today. Hopefully that helps?

    I did a lot of reading on miracle grow before I did the transplant, I know it gets hated on around here, but its really the only option I had at the time. I flushed it hoping that would flush out some of the nutrients.

    Im thinking this is my problem. What do you guys think?

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    Leaves seem heavy, they are weighing the stem down pretty bad. All bottom leaves are dry, dead and in the process of falling off. New growth starts out really nice and green but quickly starts to yellow. From the center out it seems with the leaves curling from the tip inwards.

    Nitrogen deficiency? With the MG soil I'd doubt it. I have some blood meal, should I mix it in before the next water? The droopy stems make me think I'm overwatering but idk. Fuckin lost here... lol
  8. Dude get it outta that MG stuff now. Its got some phos def but ita because the pH is off. this is a pretty lame mix but if you cant get sunshine mix or fox farm do this. Go to home depot. Get some "super soil", its a pretty bare soil. Mix EWC, then add small equal parts of bone meal and blood meal. Cut off the dead leaves and just water with plain water, and observe. Make sure to take off as much of the MG as possible with out damaging the plant. Thats what i would do if i were you. Good luck
  9. it looks deficient in magnesium & phosphorus. other than that, i can see marginal burning which is an indicator of a high salt presence. which means you cant even add anything or you will burn your plant more if you do. it is getting too much of somthing. get it out of that soil pronto.
  10. :rolleyes: this is the first time IIVE heard of MG being bad for plants

    seriously though - read the monsanto- head's up thread, and return that shit to home depot where they can use it to plant all their crappy ficus's and cacti with pasted-on flowers. next thing it's going to be roundup ready turf and house plants. this is no joke it's already happening.

    You'd be better off planting into dirt from your local ravine. Just finda healthy patch of plants and remove some of the topsoil from the surrounding area. try to be ecological although sometimes being a dick is passable if you think it'll grow back.
  11. Thanks for all the input guys. I really appreciate it. Trying to figure all this out on my own is proving to be difficult. I found one store in my area that sells FF soil and will check them out soon. hopefully the plant can hang on till then :smoke:
  12. FFOF- MG with less evidence of farmer killing on behalf of the corporation. Still a substandard mix compared to some locally sourced compost. what's ur area/state

    maybe I can help you find a compost mix.
  13. Little update guys.

    Plant is doing much better! Still havent transplanted it, may not now? idk
    Stopped giving it nute water, adjusted the ph of the water Im giving it now. Seems lowering the ph really helped. I raised the light a couple inches. Cut off all the lower dead leaves, its growing fast and has grown 3 inches in the last 5-6 days. New growth is coming in real nice green and hardly any yellowing is happening. Just the very tip of the ends are slightly yellow on a few leaves.

    Ill have to wait and see if the nute needs change soon. The plant is just starting to preflower, going to veg a little bit longer with this new growth spurt lol
  14. i had this issue with the mg soil. solved it by feeding them distilled water. they grew like weeds after that. never feed them any nutes at all. they turned out beautiful.

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