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  1. I got pulled over last night. The cop had been riding me for a little bit but I was speeding. Once the cop got up to the car he instructed me to get outand go to the front of his car. Once there he asked me if I had anything legal on me. I told him no. He then told me that he smelled a smell of raw marijuana and that there was going to be another cop coming to search the car. I proceeded in telling him that I smoked a roach. though I'm sure everything will work out fine had I not told him, I did not want to lie. he then asked me if I was impaired. To which I responded I was not. to make sure he perform some sobriety tests on me, which I passed. Once we got through all of that. He continued to say that he was only fighting me for speeding and that was all. nothing said about marijuana. However, I am wondering if I decide to fight a speeding ticket ifanything with the search will come up?
  2. Dude, just pay the ticket. You even said you were speeding. Be grateful that's all you got man.
  3. You incriminated yourself by telling him that, I'm surprised you didn't leave in cuffs.
    If you were to try to fight the speeding ticket, you won't have any other charges brought for what he let you off for or anything. But I wouldn't even bother personally, speeding tickets are next to impossible to beat even if you weren't actually speeding. Your word against theirs.
  4. I'd actually be a little thankful it didn't get any worse than a getting a ticket dude. I recommend you just pay it and smoke one afterwards haha. Happy toking!
  5. Toss that fuckin ticket into the trash. Don't be a chump, they don't really expect you to pay it anyway. 
  6. I'm extremely blessed! Did I forget to throw that in? Lol

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  7. Definitely pay the speeding ticket. That cop went out of his way to cut you a break. I wouldn't go out of your way to give him grief, you might ruin it for some other poor stoner he pulls over later on

    Toke On!

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