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Need Some Guidance, First Time didnt go well

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Breakage, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Hello people I am a 19 year old college student. When I was 16 in high school I tried marijuana for the first time with friends, nothing happened. I tried it for about 5 more times and I would only ever get buzzed. I thought I was naturally resistant to weed or some thing silly like that but it ended up I just was never using the carb on the bowl and was losing all the smoke by not inhaling properly.

    So when I was 17 I had my first true experience with weed. My friend and I where sitting on a bench before school and he said "Hey, I got some Dutch Cheese, its good shit, you want to go smoke up?" I was like "Sure, thanks man". Mean while in my head I was thinking "Maybe I'll get high this time, I think I was just never using the carb right". So we went to a location behind a building and lit up the bowl. We each took about 6 hits and this time I did it perfectly, I used the carb right, and felt the burning smoke going into my throat and lungs. I held each hit for about 30 seconds.

    We started walking back to school, and for about 2 minutes I didnt feel shit, I felt bad and thought I didnt get anything and just wasted my friends good weed. While walking on the side walk, it hit me, and I was completely shocked and swept away. The only way I can describe is like being in a sub-conscious dream world. Everything became blurry and faded and walking became very difficult, it felt like there was a time lapse between my legs and my upper body and I had to focus very intensely just on walking straight, or else I would stumble, I was scared. Scared because I thought the people walking behind me would notice. I looked at my friend(expert stoner by the way) and said "Holy shit man what the fuck is going on?!" He just smiled at me and said "Dont worry about it, look at your feet" and then handed me a mint, which in my hand looked like a complete blur.

    We walked into school and had to part ways, as class was about to start, with this I became very paranoid. I was still trying to walk straight and quickly, because the world seemed in slow motion and I didnt want to be slow. I passed the principal and stared he straight in the eye, it was like staring at a demon. My first period class was Health Education(of all classes lol) I decided fuck that and went to the bathroom, threw some cold water on my face which felt very profound and locked my self in the stall, where I would stay for 2 hours. I had a strong bottle of yerba mate(which I prepare for my self every morning to make me feel happy and energized). I thought that drinking Yerba Mate would counter the effects of weed since its a stimulant and weed is a depressant, I was wrong, I became even more stoned. I heard people talking out side, their words a complete blur.

    I spent 2, mostly paranoid hours in the stall, I was scared that a teacher or janitor would come look for me and find me. As the high peaked I made my self realize that I might as well enjoy it while it could. I ate the most delicious apple ever and had all these deep ideas run threw my head, the time lapse was more intense and I stared at my hands and fingers, thinking of the circulatory system with in. I drew, and wrote an essay that was due that day on a simple topic, but my thoughts where deep and profound, and I got a high mark and praise from a teacher.

    I had a few paranoid times still, but attempted to calm my self down. The high lasted the whole day, but when it started to die down after 2 hours I went back to class. I was left with an enlightening and nerve wrenching experience to ponder.

    So today my friend asked me if I would like to smoke up in a couple days(this would be my first time since that time), and I said "I'll check what I've got planned". So my question is, should I smoke weed, even with the some what paranoid experience? Any tips or any other type of guidance would be welcome. Thanks,


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