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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Bud_Buddy777, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Questions that need answering

    1. supposing i find a spot that has good sunlight how much should i water it a day.

    2. How should i germinate the seeds

    3. what should i do to get the spot ready for growing

    4. how long does it take to start seeing stuff pop out o ground?

  2. well what im doing is growin it to about 1ft inside a pot then trasplanting it to a safe place outside. But if you wanna start growing outside immediatly.

    1. every time you visit your plant stick your finger in the grownd and if it is not moist water with about a cup of water. if it already moist put in a half cup or less.

    2. you get a paper towel damp. not so its totaly soggy but just wet then put it in a place like under your bathroom sink. leave it for about 1 week and a root should have poped out.

    3. get rid of weeds like poisin oak and other shit that steels water but you might want some campoflauge for it too. the best thing to do is dig a hole and put a bunch of trash bags in it then put fertilizer in it and put your plant in super soil.

    4. about 1 week or less.

    hope that was helpful and if i got anything wrong sid or one of the mods will be next to correct me.
  3. if you put your plants in the gorund you only need to water if it hsnt rained in a few weeks. Water with anywhere from 1-3 gal a plant depending on the soil and plant size.

    To get the spot ready buy some bone meal, blood meal, compost, lime and epsom salt and put about a cup of each mixhed into each 2x2x2' hole. Or if the soil is good to start with, you can break up the soil about 1'-2' deep with a pichfork or spade and plant into that.
  4. thanks when summer rolls around so will my profits
  5. yep if your going to sell, look at anything you buy as an investment. and dont forget with a few hundred in soil amendments you can grow a few thousand dollars worth of weed.
  6. egg shells are a good fertiliser. my grandmother uses them in her garden, and it's like a jungle.
  7. Hey BudBuddy, What part of the state u from? I'm central St.Cloud area...
    So neways what kind of seeds u gonna use, and how many do u plan to grow, and where did u get the seeds??
    Egg shells huh.... Thats crazy, I might try it....lata...

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