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Discussion in 'General' started by Defjux, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. So I usually chill at my one friends house. He not really that straight and bugs and picks favorites within our group of friends based on whether they have weed, alcohol, or a place to go party.

    Anyways we my friends and I all live at home with our parents so we chill at his house mostly because his parents don't care. Anyways I hit up my friend whose at his house and him and 4 other of my bros are chilling waiting on some beers to play pong. Anyway I ask if its straight if I rolled and the kid says "I'm not trying to have a lot of people over." Thing is their is never a limit on who can come over to his crib as long people have something to offer. Thing is I thought we were close like bros.

    Ok thing is I never do anything to disrespect this kids house and I'm chill and don't really fuck shit up and don't really drink much maybe 1-2 beers. So my other 2 bros who also chill in this circle of my so called "friends" are out of town so I can't chill with them. So Im left alone tonight.

    I have class with this kid and we were really good friends chilled everyday. Should I just let it go and know this kid hoed me out or should I tell him to fuck off?
  2. Ya, just relax, it's not that big of a deal.
  3. Imo, if he was a good friend I'd let it slide. But if shit happens again tell him to fuck off or you'll look like a little bitch and everyone will start thinking they can walk over you
  4. ^I don't get where this attitude amongst kids comes from nowadays

    Guess what? Your friends DON'T have to be at your every beckon call. Some people want to have a night to themselves or with a few other friends. It's not that big of a deal. If it bothers you to the point that you're afraid that you'll "look like a little bitch" and that "everyone will start thinking they can walk over you" you need to reevaluate your own mindset, and stop thinking you're so goddamn important that everybody should chill with you no matter what.

    Serious. You're thinking about it too much. Not a big deal.
  5. nah man its like my whole crew is there (those that are in town) about to drink and I ask if I can roll and I get a "I don't want many people." response. I can't exactly go make new friends and expect to chill w/ them in the course of the night. I guess I could but w/e.
  6. It happened once, so it may just be he doesn't want to have you over with these people.

    If he does it again then fuck him.
  7. Just chill out dude. One night alone never hurt anybody.

    Like the guy above said, if he does it again just quit chilling with him.
  8. The answer to your question depends on what you feel the friendship is worth. Good friends are hard to come by in general so you aren't making a light decision. Is what he did worth all of this or do you just need to cool off?
  9. First off, this isn't a big deal. Second, why would you care what someone who only wants tot hang out with people who "have the stuff"? Seems like he's pretty immature. But if you really value his friendship, I'd ask him about it and clear the air.
  10. i dunno man -play it by ear dont be too close but have fun with them- cause they dont sound like lifetime friends if their gonna send people away if they cant contribute at the time and place
  11. Maybe he has sexual company? You never know whats going on over there, could be any number of reasons that would make saying that understandable.
  12. If you guys are close friends like you said, I would be pissed but then I would ask him straight up whats the deal.
    Cuz' I have a friend kinda like that but it helps when you actually say whats on your mind so you can figure it out...

    maybe he's trying to bang a chick who knows
    but it does sound like he's just being a pussywad so I say let it go, and when you see him next time ask him what was up in a friendly way. :)

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