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Need some feedback on first grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by silentbob343, May 18, 2011.

  1. This is my first time growing here some info on my small op:
    Strains: cannalope haze and quasar both feminized
    Light schedule: 18 on 6 off
    Lights: Four 26 watt cfl's and one 42 watt cfl (would be two if i didn't break the other....) lights are 6500k, will be switching to 2700k after veg

    Days since sprouted (can't remember which is which haha)
    23 (one pictured one the right)

    Just wondering if my lighting setup is adequate enough, would sure be better if i hadn't broken that other 42 watter but whatev i guess. I feel like i am doing fairly well for my first grow, they both look like they have a pretty good color in the leaves and everything. Also thinking about starting to flower these guys as soon as they grow another 2-3 inches. But if anyone can give me some extra pointers i would appreciate it.

    Thanks guys

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  2. will add some more pictures later today
  3. Hey! I'm starting my first grow too. But from the looks of things, your ladies look healthy. Doesn't look like they're too stretched from not enough light or anything. I would say things are A ok! ;)
    But wouldn't hurt to replace the broken light. Lol
  4. yea they look happy, but kinda short for 23/24 days... do u feed them nutes?
  5. nah no nutes i was kinda scared to do so on my first grow, too late for that or no?
  6. Looks great, keep it up.

    Forget about the nutes for this grow, keep it simple is my advice.
    Just keep doing what you're doing, make sure you keep checking the ph. Keeping it balanced at about 6.2-6.8

    When you flower (which I advise you should at about day 30-35, since you're growth is pretty good right now), make sure you don't have any light leaks.

    Water when soil is dry. If you use tap water, check the ph after every watering to make sure the tap water didn't throw it off too bad, because it will always (well, most likely) alter the ph.

    If the plant is droopy and the soil is DRY, it's because it needs water.
    If the plant is droopy and the soil is WET, it's overwatered.

    Just a tip, since this often happens and sometimes the grower does the opposite of what they should do

    Keep this up and you're golden :smoke:
  7. whats the best way to check the ph?
  8. Buy a soil ph meter (usually runs about $15-$20 for an alright one)

    Water the plant, then check ph in like an hour when the water dries up a little so it's not soaked. Thats the best way, or at least how I do it.

    You're gonna need some ph up and down. To use, put a few drops (yes, drops!) in some water, not alot, not too little. And then water and check again in like a half hour, and see how much changed and see how much water you used and you'll get the hang of it eventually.
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    cool man thanks for info, hopefully i'll buy all that ish before the next time i have to water my babies

    Here's some more pics
    first one is night time pic, hopefully thats not too much light leaking out/in? looks worse on the camera i think
    second is day time pic
    other two are of my ghetto light hanging methods

    also my growing closet is only 42 inches tall, haha yea... and these damn pots take up a foot of that, so i might have to move em when they get towards the end. They aren't supposed very tall strains (according to attitude i guess) so i hope they stay short.

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    ayo homie, keep doin what it is you doin, they are so gorgeous groove, keep puffn stay green and keep ur mouth shut and ur trap open cuz
  11. Alright so i kinda got a situation going on here

    So i live with 3 other roomates that i completely trust and have known all for 5+ years, one of which has gone to europe for a good two months. Months before he had left for europe he had planned on paying his share of the rent while he was gone and he knew that I was going to grow, and now he is realizing that he wants to rent out his room while he's gone by the week from what it sounds like.

    So as much as I would like to help out my buddy and save him a few hundred while he's gone, im totally in the midst of this grow and as these things mature im wondering how hard it would be to keep these babies a secret. Also the fact that he is posting this on craigslist makes this way more iffy, if it was a mutual friend of ours I wouldn't give a shit, but craigslist seriously...even if they are 420 friendly.

    So i guess my question is how much would two plants smell as i go through the flowering process? Also i have been lighting incents in my room on regular basis. Is it worth it to save my friend some money because i think it's totally not at all, and the fact that i live in a super conservative state which makes it all the more sketch. I would be meeting/interviewing all these people beforehand of course but still what should i do?
  12. I actually had about 20 plants growing in a 6x10 space(just finally measured) on my first grow. Have a 7 foot ceiling. At week 2 I'm about 5 inches and still have just the first set up top leaves. I'm running 5000k cfl 4 of them 26w actual and 100w output. Light looks good. Would like to sex them as early as possible to weed out males. Might needs some help. I'm concerned about the lights and how many/how close they need to be. They look very green now but would like to be ready before there's a problem

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  13. Regarding the smell I heard an ozone machine was good for this. I have one I run as necessary but have never grown before so I'm not sure how it will do on the flowering yet.

    Do you think an ozone machine would do the trick?
  14. not really sure to be honest, seems pricey for just my two plants. Might be worth it for you though
  15. ozone works very well, but can be harmful to both the plants and humans. ONA gel is a great idea. Making a ONA bucket (as listen on this site in the DIY section, try searching for it) works very well outside of the grow room to mask smells. But your best bet is going to be a carbon filter attached to the exhaust of your grow room. It will "scrub" all smells as they escape the room and you'll never smell a thing
  16. White is very right. Carbon filter's are awesome for smell, and for two plants it wouldn't cost much to get the stuff to make one big enough for your op. I don't know much about your strains, so I don't know what the smell will be like on them particularly, but I have 15 plants going and until late flower I was able to keep the smell down enough with one carbon filter.

    Since they are only 2 weeks from cut time they are smelling DANK so I now have to use an Ozone generator, and a carbon filter. If you aren't a DIY kinda person then check ebay and craigslist for filters. Right now there is a used ozone generator on ebay for under $100, and they will clear a 5500 SQ FT area (thats the one I use in my 2000 SQ FT area). If you just throw that in your room it will clear it out really well. Look up the CAP OZN1 generator.

    The only problem I would have with a carbon filter in your situation is the noise of an exhaust fan running all the time. Ozone generators are virtually silent, so the stealth appeal is much better.

    I haven't ever used ONA gel, but I have heard good things about it, and for a small op like yours it would probably work just fine (until late flower). I would just say get 2 of the above options, because if they DO start to smell then you want to have a backup so your new roommate won't have any chance of noticing.

    In your case, overkill is WAY better than "underkill." Nice thing is, if you're planning to "share" your goods then it will pay for itself after the first grow.
  17. I myself am just doing for fun and am more of a social tycoon so I will ultimately be just saving me and my closest friends in the long run. I'm hoping to come out with alot of females and was under the impression I would be growing 3-4 months but all of ppl here are doing it soo much faster. I really need more experiance lol. Wish me luck
  18. 3-4 months is about right. I started my seeds February 27 and will be harvesting my supposed "auto's" memorial day, and my POG's about 2 weeks after that. Ill stay tuned and help where I can. Post pics/questions if you have them.
  19. Thanks for the info ck, im definitely more of a DIY guy, especially since im low on money. i'll give it a shot this weekend i think
  20. So right at 2 weeks I noticed most of my stalks are already showing what looks like little white hairs. Still only in first set of leaves, not sure if this means anything.... anything important about this

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