need some experts help! [HELP AGAIN PLS]

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hexxgrowsweedbadly, May 25, 2023.

  1. image.jpg hey guys!
    i am aware of the nute burn on my plant (and the amount of stress caused) but i need some opinions on how it’s growing! i know abt the faults but i need help on the buds!!!
  2. If all the issues have been resolved, they will grow a bit. Nothing crazy.
  3. Anything that teaches you something isn't a waste of time.
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  4. alright perfect, all issues have been resolved yes! any idea on how long bud growth will take?
  5. ay! you’re right on that one, my bad brother!
  6. Looks like you are 3-4 weeks into flower? If so you got at least 5 weeks left.
  7. perfect, thanks man! have a lovely week!
  8. I had a squirrel problem early in my grow and the damn thing ate one of my plants down to a nub, leaving it with just a couple of leaves. That was in early March this year. After taking care of the problem (we trapped it and took it to a river nearby,) the plant is now one of my better looking ones! She's about 3 feet tall and bushy. Been topping her regularly. That plant is living proof that weed can handle some shit and still bounce back! Don't give up, keep spoiling her.

    Oh and I've never heard of squirrels eating marijuana. After some research I learned that she was too young to deter enemies. Their smell is used to ward off danger and she simply didn't have enough in her at that stage. She smells beautiful now and I haven't had a problem since. Been growing outdoors for over a decade and learned something new, so like sweedright said, you learned something. Can't be that bad of a day. Good luck and good growing!!
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  9. oh wow perfect! you think i’ll get a few buds?
  10. Try adding 25-30% perlite next grow, once you get the hang of everything and take the plant through flower without issues upgrade your light. Those blurples leave a lot left on the table for bud development.
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  11. i guess i will give you the truth looks like in about 5 weeks you will have 3 grams but it is something just let her grow now with 12 hours darkness and 12 light
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  12. Maybe a few small ones. I've had plants look worse that have made a few decent buds. Keep at it!
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  13. yippee!
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  14. Looks like you vegged a week and then to be honest your plant is small. No leaves, without knowing the feeding schedule,light usage and nute I have no help for you.
  15. They will grow. This will serve you more as a lesson. We all go through them. I recommend reading a few more threads on here and watching youtube vids. There's tons of techniques for growing and you may be better at some than others.

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