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  1. getting ready for a grow. im going to explain my set up and i would appreciate expert criticism on the tweaking of everything for optimal results..
    1. space: 4.5x4.5(20 square feet)x7' mylar lined grow tent capable of supporting 200 lbs
    2. temperature/humidity: the room will be kept at 72 degrees fahrenheit (grow tent will be between 74-76 id estimate w/lighting) and the humidity will be kept at 55-60%
    3. intake/exhaust: each 188cfm the intake will pull air from the window and the exhaust will blow air through a carbon filter into the roof. also, 2 6 inch clip on oscilating fans
    4. lighting: my next grow will veg with mh but for now im doing a 600 watt hps in a 6" air cooled reflective hood 18"x24" with a 400cfm 6" inline fan to cool it. also bright cfls to promote vegetative growth
    5. plants/soil: 4 plants, will start in 1 gallon buckets and transfer to 5 gallon buckets after 4 weeks. the soil will be 70% foxfarm ocean forest and 30% perlite
    6. nutrients and watering: water will be rain water put through a brita filter balanced to a ph of 6.6-6.7 ill make the water 70 degrees when watering. im getting the fox farm nutrient lineup but im not going to be using any nutrients until 4 weeks when i transfer to the 5 gallon, as i think the soil will be enough. but after 4 weeks ill be using foxfarm big bloom at 3/4 dosage every watering and ill be using grow big 1/2 dosage every other watering. when i switch to flowering ill water with big bloom the same, stop using grow big and switch to tiger bloom 1/2 dosage every watering. then stop putting nutes in the water and just ph them for the last 2 weeks before harvest. going to switch to flowering at 2 feet tall. then going to flower for 8-10 weeks.

    big questions: do you think that the 4 plants is a good choice for number? im going to use lst to bush them out and might put up chicken wire to create 4 2.25x2.25 squares. do you think that 72 degrees is optimal temperature for grow room? is 55-60% humidity optimal for a grow room? do you think that cfls are a good idea for an addition? i was thinking set my digital hps to 450 then take the cfls out and switch to 600 at flowering. good? do you dislike my choice of nutrients? do you think i should add lime or anything besides perlite to my soil? criticism is very appreciated this may seem ridiculously comprehensive but when youre in over a grand you kinda get ocd lol. im gonna start growing on december 26 and ill keep an active journal up when i do. between now and then id love to compile more ideas, get more knowledge under my belt through this forum then when i start you could all help me as i go. new here but would love to make some friends who take pride in growing seriously and love natures gift almost as much as i do ;)
  2. I have four plants in a 5x5... I have a little left over room, so it stands to reason that you could have four in a little smaller of a space

    I like the idea... sounds good... just make sure you pull the plants down, don't weave them

    keep it below 80 for sure, 72 sounds good

    that sounds good

    CFL's are a good idea... and I hate the second idea... you only have 30 watts per square with the 600... minimum recommended watts are 50... so figure out how to get more wattage in there

    believe it or not... all nutrients work... some work great for some people and not for others... most of it is how its used and the lifestyle of the grower... so go ahead with your plan, switch if you find it does not work for you

    powered dolomite lime is always a good idea... it should be added and allowed to sit a couple of weeks before a plant is put into the soil for optimum effectiveness

    good luck
  3. thanks for the peace of mind :p
  4. Everythin sounds good apart from ur humidity. 50%-60% is fine in veg, maybe even first coupla weeks of flower but u don't wanna go any higher than about 40%-45% when ur getting on in flower and the buds are packin out. High humidity + big buds = bud rot. And believe me u don't want bud rot. It starts from the inside and works its way out of the bud and can spread like wildfire. I don't wanna panic u but I'd have my humidity range lower than what u have mentioned (as low as possible) especially for mid flower till the end of flower.

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