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Need some experienced advice about PARANOIA while high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Highroad001, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Ok, I will give you a brief overview.

    I have been smoking now for around a year. I've had a few different strains, but mostly it was the same dealer with the same couple of strains for quite some time.

    I eventually stopped for about a month, and in that time experimented with shrooms.

    My first trip was exceptionally great. One of the best times of my life. My second time not so great, but still good. My third time was pretty bad. I had a much too high dose, and completely lost control. I was on the ground lost in my head for a few hours, thinking some pretty scary things (not going to go into detail, we'd be here forever) Anyway. I continued tripping on lower doses, but it wasn't as good as the first time after this experience. Anyway...eventually I bought another Q of cannabis. This time it was from a different dealer, recommended by my friend as apparently this strain was better and stronger.

    Anyway, from this Q I have now, I find that I get paranoid quite easily at least once or twice every high. I will just think something bad, or make something a lot worse than it should be out of something small in my head. Also I feel as though the high is a lot more like a shroom trip in the mental manner; a lot more thinking and analyising. Also, the thing while tripping where you just sort out and aren't focused on anything and everything goes blurry. Before my shroom trips I was always energetic and excited while high, now it is more of a mellow relaxed feeling.

    Anyway. Do you think that somehow the shroom stint I had has 'traumatised' me, and I now get paranoid and anxious while high? I have never really had negative feelings while high before, but now I can get them quite often. It's not the entire time I'm high, but it can be for 30 mins sometimes I just feel bad. And have that 'zoning out' very blury out of focused feeling.

    Or do you think that it could be that it is just the strain I have?

    Also, any tips on overcoming paranoia while high?

    THANKS very much in advance. I really really want to get over this obstacle, because it has sort of made being high a lot less appealing.
  2. Talk of other substances is against the rules :p
    But, i think maybe you should take a break from everything.(all substances.) just try to excersize, read, and drink plenty of water. Do that for a couple of weeks.
    Then try and smoke smaller doses, like if you smoke one bowl usually, smoke a half bowl.
    You might just be getting too high.
  3. Weed isn't for everyone.
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    When you're stoned understand that your situation, environment and state of mind all affect your high. Whenever I used to get that anxious feeling I would just remember things like 'you know you just smoked a few bowls, what do you have to worry about?' or 'I'm in a good place right now, having a good time' if all else fails think of any good sexual encounter you had (I am serious).

    Surround yourself by good things, in a fun place, with very little risk. Often, paranoid thoughts come from baked concepts that don't really make any sense when you really think about them.

    Also, the fact you have conceptualized your past experiences with Mr. M and associated them with your paranoid experience while getting baked, and then further associating that with being traumatized by the aforementioned experience with Mr.M. Shows that you aren't really in a good state of mind at that point.
  5. Omega 3 fatty acids may also help. :) Check Erowid.
  6. I think you may have just become your own worse enemy. It can happen, esp when you are high. I have been way sketched out after smoking before, but as I said it was more me than the bud, or anything else. I would say (advise speaking here) as another mentioned above. Take a week or so off of it all. Then when you are ready pack one bowl, and only take 2 puffs and hold them for a full 8 seconds. Then stop and hit some video games up for about 30-40 minutes. You may be well high and not need any more, but you may feel likeyou are not as high as you want to be, in that case toke aniother 3 hits, once again holding them in properly. That way you are taking smaller steps and allowing yourself to actually feel the high before continuing smoking. This should help you determine whether or not you are smoking too much, and then getting to noid. I would say that there is no such thing as "too strong bud" you just have to figure out what it takes with certain buds. If it is really strong then thats actually very cool because you can get alot more high out of a sack. Take it easy and remember you are normally the only person that can tell you are high. I have to tell myself that sometimes too, it is just one of the things tha happens when you smoke. I hope this helps some, good luck though. JOE>
  7. Perhaps I should have been more specific but I didn't want you guys reading too much. The paranoia isnt a "oh god I'm going to get caught" or that I feel unsafe or anything. It is mainly internal thoughts that turn negative, such as social situations in the past I might not have handled well, or feeling disconnected at the current time. It is a mush more "Mr. M" type of paranoia/anxiety rather than a typical stoner scared to get caught one.

    It is in the same environment I've always smoked and had good highs off. And usually it doesn't matter how much I smoke, I can still get this feeling smoking 1 cone or 5.

    Also, I find that if I keep myself occupied, (movie, video games etc.) then the feelings of paranoia will come very rarely if at all.

    It's mainly when I dont have much to think/ concerntarate on (having a shower, eating, before I fall asleep in bed)
  8. Seriously follow the advice theese people have given its roughly what i do. To deal with the social situations you didnt do well in just think why does that matter now and remind yourself of social encounters that went exceptionally well.
  9. Sounds like you caught the "fear". The fear is like quick sand and can escalate quickly the advice given about set and setting is good advice. But when ppl around me catch the fear and get spooked I remind them to take deep breaths holding in and count to ten. While they do this I remind them that everything is good and that it's cool nothings Gona happen accept a good time. As far as your social situations remember that theirs not much you can do now to change the past so when you start getting down on yourself for how the situations were handeled try to distract your self with positive solutions to similar situation an next time they arise you'll have a plan.

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