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Need Some Concentrate Guidance

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by DirtyB, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. So, I love concentrates, and as I live in Texas, I can't get my card, and the only oil/wax I see go around here, is when my buddy makes his own (he's my dealer) from his trim or shake.
    I only get to dab at his crib, and it sucks because if I had a choice concentrates > nugs all day.

    So what I want from you, is to help me and give me some guidance on how to start converting to concentrates. You'll see what I mean..

    Point number uno: I'd probably end up getting some pvc pipe and putting together my own contraption to make the bho (don't actually know the name) but I came across a site/brand that sold official ones that were pretty good looking, and I'd definitely would want one if I decided to start using more oil.

    Point number two: I don't grow, and usually don't have too much shake, but I have abv weed, but I would most likely go buy some bud, and just turn it all into bho. So what's the ratios? Think I could run a batch with just a 1/4? I know a 1/2 would work.

    Point number three: As you can probably tell, I'm only really familiar with bho, and I know about others, but I don't know specifics and it's bothering me.
    So whats the difference between full melt, wax, and oil?

    I will update as I forgot the shit I needed to know, but yeah, help me out blades!
  2. Grow, sell buds make hash

  3. Honorary low quality post to start this thread off as usual.
  4. well dude what i do is vape my shit till yeloow color then once i have over 3 oz of yellow vaporized cannabis i make a tincture using everclear as my solvent, so i get the most out of my money.
  5. One thing is not use PVC!! There is a bunch of stuff in here in how to bho or Qwiso. Just search.
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    theres a decent amount of ideas and questions being posed here***bho-oil-lovers-thread***-2.html, mostly pics but go through it as it seems you are an oil newbie no offense any additional research will benefit you!!

    pvc will leach nasty chemicals in your oil dont use. :(

    i use glass extraction tubes, get them from your local headshop or you can find em online.
    use either mesh screen as filter or two coffee filters with one only acting as support on the sides versus double filtering your oil.
    (so cut a circle in the top if it)

    shake doesn't have that good of return rates unless its coated in resin, from high grade expect like 10-20% return rate until you really get the system down.
    edit using whole DANK buds can get the return rate up slightly but its all about the procedure.

    do a lot more research before you do this oil run because it is costly, dangerous if you don't do it outside, and it is a whole procedure you want to get as good with as possible assuming you want to make the best oil you can.

    no idea what full melt is, idek if its BHO to be honest. hopefully another blade can step in and describe that for you.

    Wax is BHO that has been whipped over itself and mixed with air to some degree, it gets more in depth but thats the basics. Use (low heat) <170 and high quality buds to achieve that i've done it from grinded buds and shake but it was harder/more rare with those runs.

    some buds wont wax no matter how long you whip it!

    oil is what you will come out with a majority of strains and before it has fully purged it will be a nice oil.
    heres a pic;


    its possible to get the consistence to a shattery one. lol almost like some hard candy it will break off and fling everywhere if you let it get away form you! :smoke:

    this stuff is shattery when frozen but super sticky when worked with between the hands


    hope that helped!

    edit-those are all my pics of oil i have made with the help of the fellow blades on this site.
    :hello: it really is a good resource for those willing to dig for the right information.

  7. Buy shwag make hash make profit.

  8. if you want low quality hash that will be bad tasting go 'profit' all you want :rolleyes::cool:
    there's nothing you want extracted out of shwag, please speak on a topic you grasp at least a little before giving bad information.
  9. I'd say pick up an O'kief tube. You can order one online, holds 22 grams or so of material. I know I'll be saying the same things others have probably said but I want to help. I like to run whole nugs, it's the best way to go. Get some good butane to use as well. That is if you're going with BHO. I switched to almost only BHO back in November and have been actually SAVING money. I like to use super 5x butane for my bho. I run a whole tube load at once, so about an ounce and usually get 3-4 grams of shatter from every run.

  10. It really is your best advice...if you can't buy hash/wax/oil then make your own, but buying buds to do so would be idiotic...

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