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  1. I smoke nug everyday and my mom is going to drug test me soon. I would liek to be able to jus tsmoke as much as i want adn no thave to worry about it so I have been looking at was to pass drug test. I don't wan tto have to do substitution becasue it is going to be completely random and i won't have the timing part right( to heat up the pee to the specific temp. and things o fthat nature) I used it once when I got a job but I don't want to have to deal with all of that again. SO I have come to the conclusion that I need an additive. There guick they take no prep and I cna put thme in my moms car so when I go to the lab at any notice what they are right under the seat. Now I have looked and so many additives and hav ecaceled many out becasue of the reviews or research that I ave done. Now it is between two products. CLear choice spike($125) and claer choice instant clean add-it-ive($40). NOw the lab I go to I think I am given an EMIT test so I need it to work right awaqy not like 90 minuts after I put it in the urine. I need to be able to put the additive in the urine and walk out hand i tto the Bladder police and hav ethem tell my mom I am negative for marijuana. In a aobu t5 minutes after I put it in. SO my question to you is which one should and if the spike one i sbett erit is pretty expensive sp does anyone know of a good additive that they have used before that has worekd ass desrcibed abovr and is chaper than 125 ?

    Thanks for the help,

    Purple Mr. Nice Guy

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