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Discussion in 'General' started by harissteeter, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. I have the oppurtunity of a lifetime this weekend.

    My best friend that i've had for 5 years is coming back from a trip to a drug town, and he has some liquid acid. This shit is supposidly straight as hell. I've tripped mushrooms three times, and I think i'm psychologically prepared to trip on mushrooms for more than ten hours, but I have no idea about acid. I feel in a way though he is pressuring me into this, or maybe i'm just afraid. I have no idea the mental effects it will have long term, nor do I think anyone can be totally prepared for acid. It's just something you have to want to do and it has to be the perfect time and situation to do it.

    Sadly, this weekend is the perfect time and situation to do it, and I have to make a decision by tomorrow.

    People have tried to explain the mind set to me and how its so much more clear headed than mushrooms. I've never had a bad experience with mushrooms, i've had strange, i've had stranger, i've had intense mirror experiences that didn't go so well, but i've never had a bad trip.

    What do you guys think. Is it worth it to go down the rabit hole?
  2. Know your mind and know your drugs.
    Personally I think acid is great. Ive never tripped off shrooms and acid wasnt bad. However it effect people differently so know yourself before you do it. My ex girl freaked out while on acid and broke up with me and didnt realize it until it was too late.
  3. If your feeling scared about it it may not be the best idea, I always have to go into that kind of thing fear free. Usually to help me get out of the fear I just think that if I have a bad trip, it will be over eventually and with some effort I'll be able to not be phased by it later.

    Usually that reduces my fear so I don't have one anyway, and that seems to help with me. Thats for shrooms not acid, but same same I suppose. Just thing of something to help you become a bit less nervous about it, and if that doesn't work then I'd just hold off till later.

    Good luck.
  4. you have every right to be nervous. lsd is a powerful drug. but dont be fooled into thinking its gonna last that much longer. idk if this is the case all the time, but my friend said he triped the same time on acid as he did on shrooms, but that might have been a rare exception. if your gonna do it, be sure you really wanna do it.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. I really appreciate the help because this is the internet afterall, and none of you were obligated in any way to give me advice. I really do appreciate it.

    My decision however, is that I am just not ready yet for acid. I have decided to trip mushrooms this weekend, and not trip acid. My first acid experience should be at a time when I have no second thoughts towards it. Until that time comes, which it may never come, i'll continue to stay with the drugs I know.
  6. wise choice man. i got a hold of some acid not to long ago for my first time. i kinda in a way pressured my best friend into doing it. and then i got him to take twice as many hits as he was gonna. (he was gonna take one, i told him to take two, becuase i was.) anyways he didnt completely wig out and go insane but he didnt have that great of a trip. he was fine when we got him back to his house though. i also know that he was worried something wrong was gonna happen, kinda like you. that is why he had a bad trip, because he was thinking he was gonna, do you get what im saying?
  7. Yeah man, it mostly is a mental strength not everyone has. Some people are strong physically, some people are strong mentally. If you can keep your head in the game and have no expectations what so ever, and if you really do want to trip, you'll have a great time. It's the same story with mushrooms I imagine.

    I could be wrong, I've never done acid, and I probably won't for a while. Acid really is a step up from mushrooms in my opinion after reading some things on erowid. I really thought it lasted longer than mushrooms though.
  8. cool, ive had a horrible time on shrooms once since you said you never heard anyone who had. so dont take a half ounce.

    and ive never had a bad time on acid. go for it.

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