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  1. First off, I am new to indoor growing and am looking for some help for the 2 plants I have. I am growing Northern Lights auto flowering & C-99. Both plants are currently 3 weeks old. I sprouted them in Natures Care organic soil inside a peat pot. When they sprouted I planted them in larger pots with Nature Care Organic soil that had no fertilizers.

    My set up is inside a vivosun grow tent 4'x2'. I have a Viparspectra reflector series 300w LED grow light. I will be adding a second one of these so both plants have plenty of light in the next few days. For ventilation I have a vivosun 4" carbon filter w/adjustable exhaust fan. 1-fan inside the grow tent to move air around & 2- 4" passive intakes on the bottom. Humidity levels are between 45-50%(humidifier in room to control). Temps are 75-77 during the day, 71-73 during night. I have not left the inside fan on during dark hours, I have read a lot about keeping this on, however need advise on the plants health first.

    I had an issue early on with fungus gnats, which I believe to be mostly controlled. The 2nd week of Veg I may have under watered because of this. This most recent week I have water 2 times with Fox Farm grow big fert, with a normal watering tonight or tomorrow. Soil PH is 7. I have noticed after watering the last 2 times the fungus gnat larva was on top of the soil, in which I have now sprayed that with an organic spray in order to kill them off.

    Please take a look at these photos, the larger plant is Northern Lights (1st 4 photos) and the smaller one is c-99. A week and a half ago the bottom leaves on both started to turn yellow with a few brown spots. I figured this to be a N deficiency, I could be completely wrong. This is when I started with the 2 watering's with nutes. The c-99 then began to grow nicely and seems to be doing well. The northern lights is growing well, however the leaves are curling upwards. First time with this strain so I'm not sure if this looks healthy and normal. There are some red lines on the stems. Lights are 16" away, there is no fan directly on the plants, there was for the first few weeks. With the curling leaves I moved it about the plants under the lights.

    IMG_2557.JPG IMG_2558.JPG IMG_2559.JPG IMG_2560.JPG IMG_2561.JPG IMG_2562.JPG IMG_2563.JPG IMG_2564.JPG

    Please any advise and input is much appreciated!!
  2. Lots wrong here..??

    Fungus gnats are no biggy

    but the worms are

    they eat the rootlets and serious stunt the plant

    for me I'd trash that soil and get some Fox Farm Ocean Forest and

    add my own 25% perlite to improve drainage

    avoid using those peat cups that throws out the ph from day one they hold water too

    leading to nute burn from day 2,' rapid rooters' if you must

    but 250ml solo cups is GC's favorite

    always lift the pot THINK...then water or not

    good luck some rant
  3. lol usually ppl say theirs not enough info, so I made sure to cover everything. For the worms that are on top after watering, is this fungus gnat larva? Or some other type of worm. Very small and only rise on the top wet soil.

    Thanks for the reply!
  4. Pics please
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  5. IMG_2569.JPG
    Not sure if you will be able to see this. Just above my fingernail is the small tiny little "worm". After I watered, waiting half hour and then they appear, they are tiny. There 90% less than what it was a week ago.

    Any other thoughts on what is causing the leaves to cup upwards and the bottom leaves to be yellow with brown spots?

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