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  1. ok, so i moved into my apartment and im ready to grow, but i have to buy errythin, but i dno what to buy... the space im given is the following


    \t\t\t \t\t \t \t
    width 64cm
    length 30cm
    height 72cm

    is this place too small? i was told this would be a big enough space, but if so, what kind of method would you recommend? that would give me an idea of what to buy to start out..... thanks in advance.
  2. How many plants are you planning to grow? You wont fit many in that space as you know. You won't be able to use HPS or MH in that space. You could buy some fluro's or CFL's. I'm not an experienced grower so take someone else's advice. I just know you won't be able to use HID's in there.
  3. Get some compact fluoro's of the 42w variety or more. Home depot sells them for 9.99, and since you are limnited to such a small area, maybe a scrog is in order. Although I must say, since this is probably your first grow, I would do some extensive research.
  4. hey, thanks for the advises, and also i got an update on the space i have to grow, fortunately i made enough space to fit something similar to this:
    hes been helping me with questions as to how to start out etc.. and im thinkin bout goin shoppin tomoro to get the needed equipment. as of lights, would fluros work fine? and i dont quite get what cfl's are, so could someone briefly explain it to me? im going to try a pot grow first, and as of picking soil, what kind shud i get given the lighting and space situation? a specific spec of soil (numbers) would be helpful. altho i dont really tink im going to get everything started tomorow i want to get it in motion, so please help me out. thanks all again.
  5. ok say you want to grow 4 plants in that area. heres a shopping list on what you need. light go with the 37w daylight cfls. get 4 or 5 they come in a blue box at home dept. those bulbs are for vegging the plant. next get 5 to 7 of the ones that come in the red box. i think they are only 23w so thats why you need more. as for soil go with fox farm ocean forest. best stuff hands down i think. next you need ferts. you need something high in nitrogen for vegging i recomend earthjuice grow. for flowering i recomend earth juice bloom. both are 100% organic and easy to use. i would get those for there web site the are 7.00 a bottle and they tell you how to use them right on the back. you will need one or 2 cheep fans to move are but you shouldnt have a problem on heat with that small of a set up. hope this helps. oh what kind of a box where you thinking about making for the plants to go in/
  6. hey, thanks for the reply.
    i was thinkin bout using a similar box to the one in the link i posted before, enough to fit roughly 4 plants in it like you said... about the soil and the fertlizers, i probably cant get those ones u told me because i dont live in the states right now, so would you happen to know like numbers written on the back of the soil bag maybe? such numbers that indicates nutrient level etc... that way i can find similar soils but maybe not the exact brand, but wit the same quality. as of lights, i was a little confused on what u said, so in total how many lights should i get?
    thanks again for ur reply,
  7. ok with the lights. you need 2 different colors. red a is light daylight and thats what you use to veg. red is like daylight in the fall so it makes the plants think the sun is going away so it helps them flower. you are going to need both 5 27wblue one and 5 to 8 23w red ones. if you can find higher where you are the better. as for my nutes. they ship worldwide and for the soil it should be worldwide in stores as well. my veging nutes are 2-2-1 and my flowering nutes are 0-1-2 if that helps at all
  8. so ill be needing about 10 to 13 lights? and as of the colors, are the lights actually colored red and blue? because i looked at some fluroscent lights online but none of them were actually red or blue..... thanks.
  9. oh i forgot to add, i was told that (2-2-1) was good for my veging state, but the closest thing i foun dso far that i can get was
    with a (2-8-1) spec, i have no idea what that means but would this be suitable? thanks.

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