Need Some Advise If Anyone Has A Minute,What should this kind of setup yield

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  1. What should this kind of setup yield around to. Have two in mind.
    First Setup, Aero
    -400w hps lumatek (says they put out more then normal ballast) Light to be as close as possible.
    -Either 35 or 40 gallon tote
    -3" net pots. How many should be put on for 30 or 40 gallon tote?
    -Ventilation taking care of.
    -Nutes General Hydro FloraGro and the other two, Superthrive, or should I use different brand of nutes. Was thinking B.C Hydro started kit looks nice lol or Advance nute. What's a good recipe for big yield?
    -Strain TW From GreenHouse(I like their strains)
    -Veg time till able to take clones from mother, Then throw clones in flower after rooted.
    -Flower time I think around 9wks
    -One of those White oz buckets. I think thats it for that one. I tend to forget stuff lol( Smoking 2Ft bong all day)
    Can this setup produce 12 oz or more?

    For the 2nd Setup
    -1000w hps 8" cool reflector or 400w hps
    -9 5 gallon buckets with air stones. How many can I use for the 1000w and 400w?
    -Ventilation taken care of.
    -Nutes the same as the first or which every you guys prefer
    -Strain WR Again from GreenHouse, Has great Medical Properties
    -Veg the same as first

    Was thinking maybe I can get half a pound per plant. Heard their heavy yielders. I want to have a few plants but produce. Tell me if you think this is a good system or if think something else will do better.

    Anything Said is made up and holds no truth what so ever. This is only a quest of knowledge.
  2. just remember the key to yield is lots of plants using the method you wont get a half pound a plant flowering just rooted clones,probly more like 2-4 oz on the heavy side.
  3. I guess I would ask have you grown before?(guessing not, since most exp growers would not need to ask that question). The 1000w light would produce more yield than the 400, but that said if you live in an apt. I doubt you'll be able to pull that much elec. without a seperate breaker for the 1000w light. So explain your growspace better and it will help get better answers.

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    400w indica-8 ounces sativa-4 ounces
    1000w indica-32 ounces sativa-16 ounces

    your growing hydro to so expect better yeilds them this.

    i would go with 10 pants under the 1000w and 5 under the 400w.

  5. Well 2-4 oz sound good to me. But I've seen some ppl who get a whole pound off of 2 plants using 400w hps but i think they trained it or lst whichever dont recall.

    Yea I have and know what im doing had a sativa strain last time my cousin gave me the seeds, but their were a lot of moving around so i could never see what I could produce. Put them through a lot of stress but was using ebb & flow and had to cut early :( so only got like 2 oz. But anyways the 1000w will hopefully be added later on (on a budget for now till harvest or till get new job lol) I was thinking a 4x4x6.5 space. I was going over some ideas last night and want to use 50 gallon tote. 2 will fit in the room just perfect, wanted to do it like the aeromist systems with 32 4" net pots, for the other one wanted to try 16 6" net design. Want to see which will do better. Was thinking 32 site get a lot nice main colas but not that much light penetration but for the other one 16 site thinking few plants and bigger cuz of the more space and light penetration but knowing me ill probably change it to a 32 site too lol.. would love to try a 120 site :D but I hope that answered it for now.

    Oh any advise on Nutes? I want to give my babys the best. Have been using general hydro for awhile now and I like it but want to try different ways to find out how they do. One last thing maybe a light mover that way the canopy gets even lighting. Thank you for the support. Will be showing my grow when it gets going
  6. theres some formula out there thay says if you do everything perfectly...a maximum yield should be .5 grams for every watt of light that you have. do the math

  7. I've heard of getting 1.2 gpw so .5 doesnt sound that good lol

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