Need some advise cus I'm very indescive lol(sry if miss spell)

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  1. Okay here's the situation.I dont know if I should go with one 1k hps nextgen ballest or four 400w nextgen. I've kind of done the pros and cons that I can think of lol.
    Pros for 1k
    -well I'm brain dead on that so I don't now lol
    -less light points and have different strains so no even canopy unless I train but don't want to do that lol
    Pros for 400w
    -more light points
    -more watts
    -closer to the tops
    -can have at different hights
    -more heat
    -more shit to deal with lol, that's all I can think of

    okay room size 4x4. 2 54g rubermaid tubs with 60 2" net pots 30 in each. One is indica tub and the other satvia. Strains are from greenhouse arjans haze 1&3, white widow, rhino, ams, and blue hash was a free one. Also doing it aero. If you need to now anything else ask but I think I covered everything
  2. wow i just got a headache trying to understand what you typed.
    compairing a 1000 watt to a 400 watt light is like comparing a corvette to a daewoo. obviously threre is more power needed and but youll make up that will all the fat buds youll have. just get one with a cooling system and your heat issues wont be much of a problem
  3. He is comparing one 1000 watt to 4 400 watts.

    Still, if you want multiple lights, you might consider two 600 watt lights, as that would be a lot more efficient than 4 400s, and less hassle. Probably your best middle ground option.
  4. i would go with 2 600's > 1000k

    • im curious about your rubbermaid setup that many plant sites with 2' pots
      if you plan on flowering in that container just hope your root growth doesnt clog your areojets and have a malfunction when your ladies are in flower

    post some pics
  5. Whiteboy your jackass lol no offense tho.

    HorticultureFTW- it's not that I want more lights. I was just thinking since im going to spend like 600 on the 1k light. That for the same price I could get 3 more 400w cuz I all ready have one 400w. I also thought of 2 600w but the reason I like the 400w is I can have two with HPS and the other two with MH to get a nicer spectrum.

    Biologymajor- I would post pix but havent down the diy stuff to the tub's. But I will be doing a Grow Journal pretty soon so keep a eye out if you want to see how this turns out. As for the clog problem if it happens then i just might have to get in there and unclog it and if I cant then ill change it to a drip system with airstones in each tub.

    Ohh something else I forgot to post was maybe with the 1k light just have different anchor points so i can move it around to solve the different light points. Would love to get a light mover but on a budget for now:mad: Sorry if I ramble on I tend to do that lol.

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