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  1. Week 5 of flower. I feed them 2 weeks ago and they have had nothing but water since. I was going to feed them again today but I’m seeing what looks like slight tip burn. What do you all think? Should I feed or just water.

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  2. Please give specifics of your grow.
  3. tip burn. Skip a week. No what half strength
  4. Science says....feeding more in flower creates a reduction in cannabinoid production. :confused_2:

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  5. I have been feeding Fox Farms trio at 1/2 strength and been giving Xtreme’s Tea Brews every other week. It is Super Lemon Haze and I’ve been told it’s susceptible to nutrient burn. I’ll go another week without feeding I guess.
  6. Really? Should I just use compost teas from here on?
  7. Will those tips go away and look better after some time or will they stay looking like this? When will I know to fertilize again?
  8. I'm not sure what the right answer is for your specific grow situation...

    Ton of info here - but you'll have to dedicate 2 hours plus to go thru it all.

    Advances in cannabis cultivation: new NPK recommendations
  9. Wow! Thanks for the info. It’s just like my grandpaw use to say, “it’s a weed and does it’s best when there’s very little to work with”.
  10. Restart at 1/4 strength. Full or even half strength from fox farms is too much and will 100% burn any plant.

    What's burned will not get better only the new growth will look better.

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