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Need some advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skramz, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. So, I've been smoking pretty much everyday since the beginning of summer, so I'm a relatively new smoker. During the summer, it was great. I loved it and smoked often.

    Now I'm a college freshman, and I found a guy to smoke with pretty quick after I moved in. I don't know why, but every time we smoke, which is always at night, I feel really weird about it. Like we go and hang out in his room and shit and watch some videos or TV and, and all the time I'm just feeling like I want to not be there.

    Really hard to explaain, haha. I just don't know if maybe it's a shitty high, or if I just don't like smoking at school. This happen to any of you?
  2. Where did he touch you?
  3. lol. I should have expected a response like that. You know what you are sir? In the words of a kid I know, an extremely goofy dingo.
  4. Yea sometimes I had smoking at certain places or maybe u don't feel safe around the guy..if not buy ur own bud and smoke ur self. If he did touch u shouldn't let him.
  5. Yea, to answer you question, just smoke n leave. Is he holding you there. Just roll out.
  6. That's the weird thing though. He's a really good guy and we get along and hang out with people and shit.

    I sound like a girl rofl.
  7. If you get a bad vibe it's proly him usually an environment that is so chill wouldn't do that.
  8. Happened to me a couple of times only because i smoke by myself usually and being in someone else's house made me just wanna be back at my crib but the best thing about weed is i can focus on other things and completely forget about the that particular problem.
  9. Just stop smoking with the guy if you feel weird around him when getting fried.
  10. Ur a guy?
  11. Yeah haha.
  12. Just take a break then or toke on your own
  13. Smoke outside, where there are no room corners you know.. to many of them can make you parinoid. Maby?
  14. We do smoke outside. It's just when come back in.

    I dunno, I think I'm just gonna tell him that I don't want to smoke at school anymore. I can treat it like a t-break so I can get super fucked up when I'm back home with my friends 8)
  15. just play with his penis and get it over with.
  16. I think your just paranoid cuz your not used to the situation yet?
  17. Wait, are you a girl?
  18. Smoke and do your own thing. You can still blaze and hang out with yourself, or smoke by yourself if you would prefer. You could also just smoke one weekends, or every other day. Just feel it out and do you YOU want.

    Smoke a personal bowl and then assess the situation. Good luck on your quest:D
  19. this is exactly how i am. these are words of wisdom.

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