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  1. Not to sound all girly but here it goes...

    I frequent this bar quite often and she is a waitress there Ive been in "love" with her since the second I saw her. She is awesome, amazing personality,funny,beautiful everything Ive ever wanted shes it.

    Well recently shes been very flirty I get the fealing that she might have at least some interest in me and everytime she gets like that the entire next day I cant get her out of my head and its to the point I dont even think about anyone else.

    Problem one-I know she just got out of a bad relationship, I dont know for sure but I think she might be on and off seeing someone else.

    Problem two-If by some miracle Im not just insane and shes into me am I going to reuin this because Im so into her? Or is she just being nice and sweet to get a tip.

    If I waste anymore time I feel like I could loose my imaginary fairy tail happy ending lol

    Just need some advice, Thanks!
  2. She's probably just being nice.
  3. Describe what "very flirty" means, exactly.

    It could well be her acting friendly/flirty for tips.

    I don't know any women who enjoy the company of obsessed men, especially in the very start of a relationship. I'm not saying anything about you as I don't know you, but just giving my advice.

    Regardless of how you feel just approach her in a calm and confident fashion. Find out her interests then invite her to join you in them.
  4. Didnt mean to make it sound obsessive haha Its all introverted, she just seems like a really cool girl.
    I dont know its hard to explain she has stayed after her shift and hung out and stuff, Ive hung out with her a couple times and shes just very hard to read. I just cant tell if she just wants to be friends or more.

    and you can tell when a girl is being flirty and working...It has def gone beyond working for a tip....
  5. I think you should chill with her, give her some hints even tho theyre incredibly overated and dont always get the msg across.

    get her #
    when u builild enuff confidence, tell her how u feel and see where it goes. but if u dont know her too well, and want to get to know her, do that first lol.

    im sry im blazed atm, but i hope it still made sense..
  6. No worries bro I hear ya, sounds like a good plan....Im usually not like this Im just get so flustered around her I cant even think lol

    Plus I know she smokes weed because ive blazed with her before so thats a plus haha
  7. there you go bro. show her your chills and all.

    best of luck man haha.
  8. if she hangs out with you after her shift and whatever she is probably digging you. chances are she is so hard to read because of her other relationship.

    if i were you i would just say "hey we should hangout sometime, whats your #?" and if you can maybe do a double-date so she is more comfortable with it all. if things go well (which im confident in you that they should) the relationship will grow.

    definately dont be too obsessive or seem to desperate, i have done that before without realizing it because im so into a girl that it kind of turns them off, and then i realize later how retarded i just handled it haha

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