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  1. We are 13 days in to the grow, we started in a medium that was actually NOT meant for seedlings. We replanted about 5 days ago into a medium that was made for seedlings. We have a unused bathroom painted white that has no windows. no need for grow box.

    We are using bag seed that we got from some weed we picked up, dont know what strain and so far at least one of them is going ok.

    I have 3 26 watt CFL's totaling about 4950 Lumens right now we are on 24/7.

    This stuff seems to be growing Sllllooooooooooow even for what I have seen here.

    If I could beg your patience to please look at the pics and let me know what else might be going on I would appriciate it.

    Sneaky Sleestack

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    When doing soil,best to start of with the good stuff... Miracle grow is something of a "no-no" in out horticultural realm of study, MG nutes suck as well, but I have seen success with the liquid tomatoes feed... real talk >_< Basically... too much nitrogen.... Many brands out there, I use FoxFarm Ocean Forrest and I bandwagon the shit out it... Have the whole Foxfarm nutrient line, minus their carbo loader stuff...

    Also... Might want to move that third ligt way closer to the babies.... When using florous... rule of thumb is 100w per plant and just 50w after per plant... Your just in veg but sooner than you think.... Your lighting need a big upgrade

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