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Need some advice (:

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hippieheart, May 31, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking since february of this year.
    And i went to my doctor sometime last week and found out i had pneumonia.
    Now, i know that smoking isn't good especially with pneumonia,
    but god. i just love it too much to quit.
    So what should i do?
    Maybe cut down...or stop altogether?
  2. quit till your not sick anymore. smoking while sick will just make it worse unless its stomach pains but ull fuck your lungs up worse
  3. vape it man. but only like 1-2 times a month you don't wanna get even sicker.
  4. just quit till your healthy, then:smoke:
  5. best way to go is to get yourself some edibles....

    get well soon bro
  6. ^ this. bake some brownies or cookies, and get well soon.
  7. and boomers....just do it man.
  8. Yeah, it's a pretty bad idea to smoke anything with an active respiratory infection.

    Personally, I'd recommend medication + rest, and not smoking weed, but since I know you're gonna do it, might aswell keep you on the safe side.

    I wouldn't vape it, smoke it, or do anything that involves it to be absorbed from your lungs. You have an active respiratory infection, everything you breathe can make things worse, the last thing you should be doing is smoking.

    I would just breathe out of your lungs for the time being.
  9. If you can't stop for like a week you will run into some serious trouble in the future...

    Just wait it out. It will be like a little t-break and when you are all better you will get super baked.
  10. Definitely do not smoke until your pneumonia has cleared up. I'd actually recommend waiting at least a week until it has cleared up to start again.

    Plus, look at it this way: If you can easily make it through this amount of time, then you know your not psychologically addicted.

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