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  1. hey guys. some of you might have seen the thread i posted about the mac i was working with. i sort of got flakey with it and didn't touch it for a couple of months, but i finally got it fixed up and ready to sell... but i'm sort of freaking out now because i'm not sure if it's safe to sell on eBay. the story that my friend gave me on how he got the computer was pretty sketchy, so i have reasons to believe that it might be a stolen computer that he either bought or took himself. i have some questions about this situation i'm in...

    if it is a stolen computer, would i get in trouble for selling it? i mean i don't know for sure that it's stolen, but my friend has been sketchy about it so i don't know what to think. he said he bought it from one of his friends for $200, so i don't know if he's like making up that story or if he just got a good deal or what...

    i was going to post an ad on ebay or craigslist, but i don't know if that's a good idea anymore. should i go ahead and post an ad on ebay or what? i'm really freaking out because it's such an easy way for me to make a quick $100, but i don't want to be involved in this sort of shit if it is stolen.

    shit. i'm tired and high and really don't know what to do. can someone give me some advice? give him the laptop back or take my chances? idk why i think it's stolen... i guess because his friend sold it to him for so cheap.

    i'm guessing that was pretty hard to read, because i'm high as fuck and it was hard to type haha... i'll just put my main questions below...

    would i get in trouble for being the one selling it?

    is it safe to sell a laptop that i'm 20% sure is stolen on ebay?

  2. If you have any clue that it's stolen then you're selling stolen property and technically could be prosecuted. At the very least if it's found out it's stolen you'll lose the unit and get no money for it.
  3. Fuck... well I don't know. I really need money right now but I don't know if I should take the chance. Right now there's like a 20% chance that it's stolen. What are the chances of me being caught and prosecuted if I unknowingly sold a stolen laptop through eBay?

    I'm too high to be able to word this properly I think... Like if it was stolen and I listed it on eBay, what risks would be involved? I mean how would it be traceable by the authorities?

    You don't have to list serial #'s or anything on there, so even if it was stolen there would be no visual evidence on the eBay ad that it was, and unless whoever receives the laptop is suspicious that it's stolen and reports it to the authorities in my area, there's no way this could turn out bad, right? Shit, I don't know. I hope it isn't stolen, but I want to be prepared, because it is a possibility.
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    still have the computer and my friend is growing impatient. i don't know if i should give it back to him or take the risk. what are the chances of me getting completely fucked over if the laptop actually is stolen and i sell it on ebay?
  6. sell on criagslist, and meet in a parking lot, on foot.
    fake name (craigslist, obviously)
    dont bring your own car (so no one can get plate numbers)
    and you'll be all set
  7. Calm down dude, the FBI isn't going to bust down your door for hawking a computer that "might" be stolen. I'm pretty sure that you'll be good selling it on eBay.
  8. ok haha so you guys think i would be fine selling this on ebay even if it really was stolen? idk i remember reading something about ebay being really strict about stolen goods and that scared me. i'm gonna smoke a bowl or two but while i do that some more opinions would be nice. :)

    edit: and for craigslist, should i do it strictly through e-mails and leave my phone number out of it if i'm going to use a fake name?
  9. NO DUDE dont listen to him selling stolen shit can get you in a good amount of trouble its not worth it sell it on criagslist and like i said on foot fake name parking lot of a walmart somewhere a town over from you
  10. idk... i'll think about that one. i hate meeting people in person to buy/sell shit and doing it in a parking lot a town over with a fake name sounds sketchy haha.

    does anyone know a good asking price for a 13" macbook in decent condition?

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