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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dispatchednerve, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. hey i have been a member for like 2 months now but have never really posted..

    so here goes:

    So my birthday was on august 15 and i asked my friend if he could get me headies, he said he would talk to his boy. His boy said since it was my bday that he could get me 10g head for 100 the next day. So the next day comes by and i ask my friend like whats the plan.. when he is going to come over to drop it off, etc...

    My friend says that his boy said he will have it the next day, so i said fine.. The same thing happened the next day, and the next day. Now the guy isn't anwsering texts or phone calls...
    But the guy did tell me friend that the reason why he didnt have the bud was because he was expecting a delivery from north carolina and he had not gotten that yet..

    the guy kept in contact until yesterday.. so im not sure whats going on.. The problem here is that:
    my friend already gave his boy the money...

    I mean the guy was saying things like:
    90% sure ill get it tonight.. and stuff like that but then when it came to it he would always so oh tomorrow ill get it! but he never had it..

    I would just like to know what your guy's takes are on this?


  2. just don't let it get pushed too far..maybe give it a couple days and then see about getting your money back.
  3. He could be playing you, or he might not be.

    But for next time, NEVER front money.
  4. I mean its not my money.. its my friends.. but yah i got you..

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