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  1. I currently have 2 closets in which to grow in. They are in separate bedrooms and its about 20' closet to closet. I just bought some Lowryder #2 seeds and was thinking of seeding a few out so I can grow more.

    What I need to know is if I can pull off seeding one closet and not the other, or is this two close. I would have 2 Closet doors, 2 bedroom doors, and 20' as a buffer. I could even hang a blanket in front of the closet doors. Also I know I would have to always go to the seedless room first and then not go back in.

    Who thinks I can go this?
  2. You shouldnt have a problem with pollinating the females in the other room. There are better ways to get more plants though. Use one closet as a Mother and vegging chamber and use the other as flowering. Get a couple mother plants, take some clones off of em, veg them with the mothers for a couple weeks (more if you wanted to) then move them to the flowering room. Do that once every other week and you got yourself a perpetual harvest.
  3. I know that clones are the way to go with most strains but with Lowryders clones are not needed and proly impossible to take. They show sex 3 weeks from seed, and are done in 8-9 weeks from seed.

    I am now thinking so what if I get a couple seeds in the second closet, no big deal. Just more seedless lowryders for me to grow next time
  4. I am also playing with the idea of cross pollinating the Lowryders#2 male with a Super skunk female. Any ideas or opinions on this idea?
  5. BUMP

    would like a few opinions on the cross breeding
  6. In my opinion The ruderalis variety's are good for nothing but selling to the quality of herb. if you are breeding for a quick auto flowering plant for "commercial interests" then go for it. But if you want some seeds for private use I would chose two strains with better genetics. Peace:smoking:

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