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  1. Hey guys I was just wondering if you could give me some advice, it's been 7 days since my plants have germinated and have now been under the lights for 7 days, we've had our lights on 24 hours a day and was wondering when we should start to change the lights for vegetative state and also what times do you think would be best for this grow phase cheers
  2. You can keep them on 24/7 if you want until flower, unless they're autos and then you can do 24/7 through the whole grow if you like or any other combo. If they're photos then of course you'll need to change to 12/12 when flower comes.

    Personally, I like 18/6. Saves some money and IMO the plants need a resting time just as they would get outside.

    The longer you veg, the bigger they'll get and more unmanageable they have a tendency to become.

    What size tent are you going to use?

    What are the lights you'll be using for veg and flower? Tent size will help determine how long you should veg them.

    Also, how many plants are you intending to put in that space?
  3. Hi mate we've got for plants and I'll tent is 80cm by 80cm where using a roldero 800w LED light they're also feminised non autoflower
  4. If that's a true 800 watt draw, you probably should start flower around the end of week 4. The tent isn't very large so 4 plants are gonna really fill it.

    How tall is that tent? Have you looked into any training to keep them shorter?
  5. Sorry it's a 600w not 800w
    Technical specifications:
    • Dimensions: 30.93 * 21.43 * 7.3 cm
    • Average power consumption: 134.3 W ± 10% watts
    • Recommended height: 0.3 m - 2 m
    • Recommend coverage: 1-2 square meters
    • Input voltage: AC220V
    • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
    • Working temperature: -20 to 50 ° C
    • Lifetime: 50,000 hours
    • Full spectrum
    Height of tent is 180cm
    Also not really heard of height control
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    :) Better. If this is your first grow, then that's about right to start with. You'll get a few zips. Learn how to grow before you move up to a light that will make them go nuts with growth.

    As for height control, have a read here.
    Guide to Topping, Training & Pruning Marijuana Plants | Grow Weed Easy

    When you get done with that one, the rest of the site is a wealth of knowledge bro. Put in the time and it will pay off for you. ;) There's a lot more to know than you may realize. :D

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