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Need some advice.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Little Wing, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. Well anyway I threw a party last friday. I got real drunk and stoned. Later in the night I ended up getting some action from this one girl. Well anyway saturday and sunday were find. We had agreed to not let anything get wierd and all was well. Well then came monday. At school a friend of mine at the party decided to tell a bunch of people about what went on at the party. By the end of the day everyone in the whole school seamed to know. Personally it doesn't really bother me but I felt aweful about the girl...

    I just don't get it... It's no ones fucking business but ours. Now people I don't know/give a shit know about what me and this girl did... Now to make matters worse she's the keyboardist in my band. All was not wierd, but now it will be... I really am pissed off about how immature people can be. Am I the only one that doesn't particularly care about what other people do. yet there are people that are eager to know what I did... What the fuck.
  2. eh..

    just ignore em, n if they keep askin tell em to shut the fuck up before you shut em the fuck up, n they'll get the picture ya kno?
  3. I really don't know how that'll help...
    It's a fucked up situation, if anything I think that may make things worse.
  4. know this girl other than from the party? or was it just a 1 night kinda hting?
  5. I assume that you missed the part where I say she's the keyboardist in my band. Heh.
  6. ah yea, well erm...

    Im no good at advice, so wiat for some of the smarter ppl :p
  7. well first off being a guy, you have it a little easier with the aftermath of things, especially since by the sounds of it you dont care what other people think. Which is the best mentality in my opinion.

    I think you should talk to the girl. Sit down and tell her what you thought of the party night. Tell her it was all casual and outa-drunkeness-fun or exactly what you thought it was. Get her to tell you what she though if it as well. After that ask her what she wants other people to know about this party. If she wants nothing knows to others, then when people ask you just say "nothing happened, we were just smoking a blunt together and passed out"... If she doesn't really care wat others think then tell others the same (girls prefer you dont tell anyways). Then discuss with the girl how you think shouldn't affect anything like your friendship or your band as it was all in the name of fun. Then blaze a joint.

    I'm not the best at this advice shit either. So look out for people of higher intelligence levels. And keep us updated with the drama!
  8. you guys agreed that it wouldn't be weird, stick to it, it shouldn't be weird, it is a completely natural thing. you don't care what others think of you, does she. but regardless you guys are still friends, something like this shouldn't get in the way, what is done is done. not a whole lot you can do about it, but if for some reason it does get weird sit down and talk to her. that is the only way to clear things up.
  9. Yeah, just talk to the girl and tell her that for some reason everyone feels the need to be in your business and you want her to know that you had stuck to the original plan of it not getting weird but that a bunch of dumb idiots with nothing better to do are the ones running their mouths.

    People are going to do that, Little Wing. Some people live to talk about others and stir up trouble. It's what fuels them and as sad as that is, it's part of life. You just have to ignore people like that.

    Good luck, dude! :)
  10. that's life. i had that same shit happen to me too loads, xcept most of what was being spread around was utter bullshit.

    all i can say is take the higher ground dude. Rise above everyone elses pettyness. havn't they got lives of their own to be interested in? sounds like shite advice, and yeah, it is shite advice. but that's 'bout all i got to give.

    yeah rmjl said it good. ignore them... and i think we both mean, don't just pretend to ignore them... really ignore them, ignore thier crap, ignore their pathetic little lives, and if all is cool with u and this girl, then that's cool then. u-huh. agony uncle digit in the house. erm yeah. i need to find a mirror to give myself the "wtf" look.

    and one last peice of advice... always figure out what she thinks the situation is first, before u divulge ANYthing. she'll probably lie (intentionally or not), may try to test you, but at least you'll have heard what she probably wants you to hear. women mentality is harder to understand than gossoping mob mentality.

    or u could scrap all that get a few automatics, couple of hand guns and a grenade or two, go down in a blaze of glory and teach them fucks not to be so friggin bossy!
    (JOKE! - do not actually do this it is a bad idea)
  11. Thanks everyone for adive. The situation has pretty much cleared up since me and the girl have talked and all is back to normal. So things should be good now. I really didn't care about the other people, I was just worried about how my friend would react to it. Well its ok now. Thanks.

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