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  1. This isn't related to weed at all, but this is the only forum im familiar with and this form is cool as shit. So I've been talking to this girl who lives in California and I live in Texas. We met on a dating app, and hit it off immediately. I know for a fact she is the girl In her pictures because we've facetimed multiple times. We've been talking for about 2 months now, and lately I've really been wanting to ask her to be my girl friend. Mostly the reason why is because I don't want her to be with any other guy. I'm asking for advice because I'm afraid if I ask her she will reject me and then it will just be awkward between us. Should I just say fuck it and go for it?
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  2. Fuck it, and go for it. Of you, I am proud.

    "just say fuck it foundation"

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  3. I've been in many relationships, and honestly this is girl of my dreams. I just really don't want to fuck up what we already have
  4. Okay, so you live across the country from one another and have never met. If she says OMG I'D LOVE TO BE YOUR GF!!!! <3, then what next? Because, you live across the country from one another. And being the gf of some guy 4 states away means nothing. If some guy comes along in real life, a guy that's there and who she likes, she's going to go out with him, regardless of a label you applied to her. Because the sad fact is OP, in matters of the heart, women can be brutal and even if not, one in the hand is worth more than a thousand online boyfriends.
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  5. You make a good point, but not all girls are disloyal like that. I mean sure she could already have a boyfriend and whore around with dudes. But we talk everyday, and from what is seems like she is obsessed with me.
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  6. And I appreciate your response, even though it's hard to think about, I had never really thought of it
  7. Rap that rascal homie,can't be too safe. And FIND JESUS:)

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  8. What I described has NOTHING to do with loyalty. That's where guys make that mistake. It's got EVERYTHING to do with proximity. Why have a boyfriend who lives 2000 miles away, when there's a guy 2 miles away who takes her places, she can hang out with her friends with, etc. It's all about practicality.
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  9. whats the worse that can happen? she says no then you go north carolina on her, and shes in another state.
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  10. I hate to burst your bubble, but long-distance relationships rarely, if ever work out; even more so for the ones formed without actually meeting one another. I've had two long-distance (same state, three hour drive and four hour drive) relationships and they absolutely did not work out. It's the logistics, man. Think about it? There's no spontaneously going out to the park or to a restaurant. No Netflix and chill. No cuddling. No physical contact unless you travel four states away. So, say she says "yes"; what are you gonna do? Say you get attached; how do you express that to her other than words? Then when it doesn't work out, there's the break-up and the feeling like shit, and depresses, and all the crap. It's just not worth it man. Trust me. Whatever you decide, good luck.
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  11. Couldn't agree more, words of truth
  12. ^What you said above is an absolutely awful reason to ask her to be your girlfriend, super possessive especially since you live so far away from her and likely won't see each other often, if ever. Find a girl in Texas and try dating her, long distance relationships are pointless, I get you are probably really young and feel like you really like this girl but if you haven't met her, you have no idea what she is like.

    Turn the app back on, and stick to girls that live in a reasonable distance.
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  13. You sound like golem and the one ring. "SHE'S MINE, THE PRECIOUS!" Lol

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  14. a big part of pimp game is "if it dont happen it wasnt ment to be"
  15. Go for it. Life is fun & a bit of adventure is even better.

    Just don't push for anything that will stress the situation. Be like a river stone, let whatever comes wash over you without resistance.

    Live, love, learn.
    Good luck amigo!
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  16. I appreciate all the responses, see I would just go out and find a girl that lives nearby. But im not the most attractive guy, and I'm not a big fan of just walking up to random girls in public and getting their numbers. I've been turned down too many times, and its just really fucked up my confidence.
  17. A little update, I haven't asked her out yet. I don't think I am going to, I thought about it and it really would be pointless.
  18. But then again like I said this is the girl of my dreams, and fuck I'd be honored to just be labeled as her boyfriend even if we live so far away

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