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Discussion in 'General' started by lost_in_wonderland, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. This is my very first post and I'm all New to the forum. Idk why it took me so long to join but I know I'll be able to get some great advice from my fellow stoners!Ok so my question is about taking my pipes and grinder with me when I move. Am I better off leaving them behind? Or will I be ok as long as their squeaky clean and lacking "evidence"? (I'm going by car)
  2. Your fine just don't be wreckless with hiding your stuff or with driving.

    And welcome to GC!
  3. If you are not crossing state lines it is no big deal. Clean them out good and you have nothing to worry about either way.
  4. Thank you! :lol: And I'm going from Colorado to New York, Soo maybe not then
  5. If a cop pulls you over, he wont assume that you have weed/paraphanelia in your car unless he smells it. If you clean them both good and throw them in a suitcase/ spray cologne/drive with your windows down, there is absolutely no reason that he would even ask to search the car.
  6. Perfect pic lol thanks that's much more reassuring. I'm just not up for getting in trouble for something so peaceful and wonderful! I'm def going to clean my stuff real well and they already have their own special box that will just need a cleaning too
  7. throw the box in a suitcase and youre golden broham
  8. Appreciate the responses! One less thing to worry about on the big trip
  9. You should get ozium too. Not for the trip, but it's generally a good thing to have. It smells so damn good, and totally gets rid of shnoke odor. I can't smell it anymore cause my brain has been broken since the end of June, but I used to enjoy it very much.
  10. Where can you get it?

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